10 Awesome Things to do Before the End of Summer

I can’t believe we’re almost halfway through the summer. Before we know it, the weather will start cooling down and the beautiful summer flowers will start fading.

I am missing the summer in Vancouver this year as this month’s newsletter is coming to you from sunny Singapore. Here it is summer all year round. This means you can enjoy outdoor swimming, hiking and biking any time of the year. It also means that Singaporeans get to enjoy picnics and outdoor performances every month of the year. This is really wonderful but I cannot imagine not being able to experience the four seasons and all that they bring.

I love snow as much as I love the sunshine. I love the changing colors of fall as much as I love the budding flowers and trees of spring. I love the long hot days of summer, as well as the dark cold nights of winter. Each season offers its own beauty and offers us unique experiences.

Savor each and every day that you have. Be grateful for the family and friends around you, no matter how difficult it can get sometimes.

Enjoy the rest of your summer!



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10 Awesome Things to do Before the End of Summer

1. Make a summer scrapbook. Even if you haven’t done anything special this summer, the little memories that you collect – from photos, to tickets stubs & restaurant receipts – will ensure a summer to remember.

2. Start planting your Fall garden. Purchase seeds, new pots and any other gardening tools you need. It’ll be great to see new plants in your garden patch or balcony growing in the Fall.

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3. Go camping. Even if it’s just in your backyard, grab a couple of your pals, pitch a tent and enjoy the warm weather while you still can.

4. Learn to make new cocktails. Throw a DIY cocktail party and get each guest to learn a new cocktail. Just add a few simple hors d’oerves and enjoy a fun night.

5. Have a picnic in a nearby park. Invite a few friends or someone special. Pack a blanket, some food & drinks, and don’t forget the music.

6. Treat yourself to a massage or spa pedicure. This is the best time to ensure your skin and nails are in top shape for the upcoming cooler months.

7. Plan for next summer’s big vacation. Do some research and find out about your next holiday destination and start saving up for it.

8. Volunteer at a local hospital or nursing home. Even if it’s just an hour a week reading to residents, playing the piano or just talking to them, you’ll be making a difference to some one else’s summer.


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9. Support a local band or drama group. Check the papers for any local music or drama festivals. Many local bands enjoy performing outdoor concerts free of charge in the summer. Your local drama group will certainly appreciate your support too.

10. Spend a day or two at the nearest beach. Enjoy the warm sand between your toes and the sound of lapping waves. Take lots of pictures to remind you of this summer.

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