Sympathy Gifts Ideas & Tips

“Change is the only constant.”

I once came across this quote and how true it was for me this summer.

I left Vancouver for Singapore in July to nurse my mother. She was in the last stage of cancer. What a challenge it was for 41 days, living out of a suitcase, doing 10 to 12-hour shifts at the hospital and then the funeral. Each day was a constant change for me – bringing on new challenges and a deeper pain.

I came back to Vancouver 2 days ago, and I realized how much has changed. The weather is cooler and the foliage looks different. A new school year has begun. And of course I have piles of work at the office to catch up with.

Even though I’ve prepared myself mentally for this the past few months, it was, and still is, a very traumatic experience for me. I have been told that I have to allow myself time to grieve as it is an important aspect of healing. Working through my feelings will help lessen this searing pain in time. I have to remember that there is no right or wrong in how we grieve. Grieving is a very personal and individual process. And it is only through our bereavement that we learn to live without our loved ones.



Sympathy Gifts Ideas & Tips

When a friend, neighbor or co-worker loses a loved one, look for ways to express your  sympathy. Show your support not only immediately after the death, but also in the months that follow. Cards, flowers and plants are wonderful gift ideas, but these will be thrown away, or wither and die very quickly.

What is it that will stand the test of time to be a true marker or tribute to that person who has passed away? What can you give that will keep the memories alive as time passes by?

Here are a few gift ideas that promote healing, that uplift the spirit and bring comfort.

1. Plant a Tree

Plant a tree in the deceased person’s memory. The tree will remind the family of their loved one for generations to come.

2. A Memory Quilt

If you’re good with your hands, how about sewing a personalized quilt? Use their loved one’s favorite colors or fabrics. Draw pictures on the quilting blocks to remind the family of the deceased. You can get help by buying quilting kits from stores.

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3. A Special Journal of Memories

Fill a journal with pictures, stories and other memories of the deceased. Leave extra pages for the family to add their own memories.

4. The Eulogy

Did you know the individual who presented the Eulogy? If so, take the Eulogy to a printing shop and have a special booklet or print for framing made up to give to the family. This is a simple and inexpensive gift idea, but a powerful keepsake for the family.

5. Memories Keepsake Box

Give a memories keepsake box for the family to keep items reminding them of the deceased. The box can be personalized and customized with a photo.

6. The Gift of Food & Sustenance

Those who are grieving generally tend not to eat. Send them a basket of fresh fruit or light nibbles like cheese and crackers. You might prefer to put together a food hamper containing some homemade soup, bread or pasta. Or any kind of light snacks would definitely be much appreciated too.

Console those who have lost someone dear to them. Lighten their load with your personal touch in your sympathy gifts. Those who are mourning appreciate it. Show them your support and help them remember their loved ones.


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