Another Lovely Testimonial

We just received this comment from a client.  This was for a big conference, and there were a lot of balls in the air for this to all come together smoothly for her.  She said;

“Mindy, we just came back from one of our group dinners and I received some comments about the gift baskets from our Board members, I’d like to pass on.  First of all, they were packaged beautifully.  The selections you made were excellent—they loved having the Almond Rocca, was one comment.  The other was the potato chips.  My boss, said she loved those, but I can’t remember the brand she said.  What was the brand of the chips in the gift baskets?  The fleece jackets were also lovely.  Excellent, excellent job.  You made me look good and helped me keep the group happy during our intense meetings.

Thank you so much!”

Elizabeth (Liz) De Paz

Executive Administrative Assistant

Independent Purchasing Cooperative, Inc.