A Map for your Year-End Gift Giving

At this time of the year, we get many phone calls and emails asking for our advice on holiday gift-giving. Here is our `MAPP’ showing you a pain-free way to get to your destination!

M – Make a list.  A good way to start is by making a list of the people you want to send gifts to. Decide which ones will be individual gifts, and which ones will be group gifts. Families, employees, clients, or a department at the office would be good examples of group gift-giving.

A – Allocate a budget for the different groups that you have. You may find it easier to categorize them into small, medium and large budgets. Decide what each of these budget categories should be.

P – Pick a theme for your gifts. For example, for the environmentally conscious, how about an eco-friendly or Fair Trade gift? For the fan of the outdoors, consider a grill set, stadium seat & blanket or a gardening tote. For the international traveler, a cool globe set or mini travel bar would be great. In need of some pampering, we offer a wide range of sensuous Beauty & Bath products. And for the person who has everything? Indulge them in exquisite gourmet food items.

P – Pick the date of delivery. If these gifts need to be sent out of town, send them early to avoid any delays like the weather or the mad crush of the holiday season. Also remember that some people may leave for their year-end vacation a little early, so check with them and schedule your gifts to arrive a little earlier.

Eternal Flame Tea Lamp Set

Eternal Flame Tea Lamp Set