Holiday greeting cards made easy.

The last few years I have been stressed sending holiday cards. It seems that it is the only time of the year that I feel compelled to write and keep in touch with my family, relatives and friends via a Holiday card.  I also include the latest picture of the family.

My ordeal of last year will not be repeated. While waiting to get my hair done at the salon with a heap of greeting cards on my lap, postage in my hand bag I was writing furiously.  It seemed forever to finish each card, adding the family picture, then licking each envelope, addressing the envelope with the address from my address book and attaching the right amount of postage. I had various amounts of postage as I had cards going to Europe, Singapore, Japan, USA and Canada. What an ordeal!

However, this year it is going to be a breeze because of  SendOutCards, an unbelievable, easy to use greeting card system. It is not an e-card but a system that physically prints, stamps and mails the card all from the comfort of your living room in front of the fire with a glass of cabernet.  The best thing is it has an address book. Additionally, SendOutCards has the ability to incorporate your handwriting/ signature, different fonts. You can upload digital images which you can use to either custom create a card with your images on the front or add these images inside the card. SendOutCards has over 13,000 cards to choose from and it is the most cost effective way of sending a beautiful card without leaving home.

SendOutCards incorporates a reminder system where it will email you a reminder about an upcoming birthday or anniversary. Additionally, the system allows you to create multiple campaigns for your greeting cards and manage different address groups with the system contact manager.  What an amazing system.

I am looking forward to my full bodied cabernet sauvignon and sending out my holiday cards this year. You can too. Cheers!