A few notes to keep in mind with New Year’s resolutions.

With the New Year we get inspired, creating a list of goals that we would like to achieve for the year. Goals are powerful, inspiring and keep us in check with our aspirations.

However, in addition to having your lists of goals, it is also important to have a “what not to do list”. These two lists go hand in hand and complement each other. A “what not to do list” keeps you on track and can help you attain your goals with less stress.

To be successful in attaining your goals, remember to set SMART goals.

S – Specific

M – Measurable
A – Attainable
R – Relevant
T – Time bound


To avoid being disappointed goals should be realistic and attainable. Clearly defined goals are goals that can be measured and achievable. However, if a goal is easily achievable, then set your next goal a little higher.  When you have attainted a goal, remember to take time to celebrate your achievements.

A “What Not to Do List” is really a list that ensures sanity, peace and joy. For example, the following pointers are simple yet they can help you move on to your goals faster and with less stress.

Worry – worrying about things that are beyond your control cannot get you closer towards your goals but can contribute to unnecessary stress and a shorter lifespan.

Learn to say no – we tend to over extend ourselves – pleasing or obliging can bring on headaches and heartaches. Stop saying yes when you really mean no.

Negativity – stay sane by refusing to be surrounded by negativity. Negative friends, family or situations can be unpleasant and detrimental to your health. Additionally, listening to negative news cannot get you closer to your goals. For instance rather than listening to the news about the recession, find opportunities that the situation presents.

Small Stuff – lastly forget being obsessed about little things. The few pounds, the few gray hair or the few wrinkles. Give up perfectionism and enjoy the beauty in each phase of your life.

Here’s to your success.