Inukshuk – orgins and meaning

InukshukAn Inukshuk (plural inuksuit) is a stone landmark used as a milestone or directional marker by the Inuit of the Canadian Artic. The Arctic Circle, dominated by permafrost, has few natural landmarks and thus the Inukshuk was central to navigation across the barren tundra.

Inukshuk Circle of Friends

Inuksuit vary in shape and size, and perform a diverse array of tasks. It is a symbol with deep roots in the Inuit culture, a directional marker that signifies safety, hope and friendship. The Inukshuk has been adopted today as a symbol of our dependence on each other and the value of strong relationships. 

Today the Inukshuk is presented in various forms and is made with a variety of materials such as glass, soapstone, jade (British Columbia’s provincial stone), pewter and other materials.

Rosewood Inukshuk Trivet

Jade Inukshuk

The Inukshuk makes an idea gift for any occasion.