Happy Thanksgiving!

While the earlier settlers celebrated Thanksgiving for a successful harvest, today we celebrate to give thanks for all the blessings we enjoy. It brings to our awareness something that can relieve stress and bring greater contentment: gratitude.


Here are a few ideas on How to Give Thanks this Thanksgiving.


   1.     Be thankful for the food you’re eating. Appreciate the feast that has been put together with time, effort and money. Even if you’re the one who’s put the meal together, be grateful for the ability to put such good food on the table for your loved ones.

2.     Be grateful for the company you’re with. Be thankful you’re not spending Thanksgiving alone. No matter how much your family or close friends drive you crazy, you know that nobody knows you better or loves you more.

3.     Show your love and appreciation for each other by giving thanks to them. Make the most of your Thanksgiving meal by having everyone share with each other why they’re grateful for each other.

4.     Think about all the things you’ve learned and earned this year. What experiences have you been through? Have you overcome any adversity? Have you learned things that you’re grateful for? Give thanks for the knowledge you’ve gained and each special moment or experience you’ve had.

5.     Think of the less fortunate. Consider the true spirit of Thanksgiving and think of those who have less than you. Consider the poor, the needy, or those who have truly struggled financially in these difficult times. Then think of all that you still have and all that you can still give to others. Consider helping out at a nearby soup kitchen, or adopting a family by sending them a meal basket.

Give thanks for your life, your health, your loved ones and your luxuries, no matter how little they may be.  Pass some of your generous spirit on to those less fortunate than you this Thanksgiving by donating your time or money to the less fortunate – it’s the best way to show you’re thankful for the life you have this holiday season.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving.