Diwali, festival of lights Oct 17th, 2009

Indians from around the world celebrate Diwali, also known as Festival of lights. It is the biggest celebration of all Hindu festivals. The date is set by the Hindu calendar and generally falls in either October or ovember.Diwali is not only celebrated by Hindus, but also Jains and Sikhs.


Diwali celebrates victory of good over evil and light over darkness. Light, is the symbol of hope and positive energy. On this night people decorate their homes with diyas (earthen lamps with cotton wicks dipped in ghee or oil) thus spreading light in every corner of their homes. The significance of lighting the diyas is to destroy the reign of darkness and to help Lakshmi, goddess of prosperity and wealth to find her way into their homes.


Preparation for Diwali includes the cleaning and redecorating homes, and purchasing new clothing. It is also a time when family and friends gather to celebrate with the exchange of traditional sweets and fruit. And of course celebrating includes fireworks. Fireworks are a big part of the Diwali celebrations.


This Diwali, indulge in decorating your homes with traditional lamps and diyas, usher in prosperity and celebrate victory over evil and light over darkness. Add a dash of social responsibility to your celebrations by lighting the traditional diyas rather electric bulbs.


Happy Diwali!