How do you like your toast?

If you particular about your toast and are looking for the perfect toaster, look no further.  The Dualit toaster is the best around. For over fifty years, Dualit toasters have reflected an attitude that’s fundamentally British.  They are gleaming, sturdy and tough as old boots. And as much a part of British life as toast itself.

A tribute to British design, the toasters have cut a stylish profile and withstood rigorous use since they were invented by engineer Max Gort-Barten in 1946. Each product is also designed with an elegant appearance in harmony with its hard-working components. Today Dualit toasters are recognized as the best in the world.

The Dualit toaster costs approximately $355.00 and I have often been asked why the toaster is is so expensive and what makes it unique. Well, each toaster is individually hand assembled in London, England.  The housing of each toaster is made up of sturdy, stainless steel. Pick one up and feel the weight difference compared to other toasters.

Did you know that the 2-slice Dualit toaster can turn out 65 crisp, golden slices per hour; surely one would say I don’t need to have 65 toasts but what is neat about the Dualit toaster is that, when your toast is ready, it doesn’t pop up, like other toasters; instead, it sits in the casing, staying warm. Extra insulation ensures that the toast will stay warm up to 10 minutes after the cycle has stopped to allow for smoother spreading of butter. Staying warm longer is also helped due to the toaster having a manual lever for taking out the toast when you are ready, not just automatically popping up when it is done.

What is also neat about the dualit is that, each toaster is equipped with patented pro-heat elements to insure and increase efficiency and longevity by giving it a unique and protective layer. This translates to no more broken heating elements due to consumers putting their knives in the toasters.  This means no down time for the consumer of having to send their toaster to the service center. Clever wire guards adjust to the width of the bread to keep it central during toasting.

The Dualit Vario with an insulated stainless-steel body, variable controls and automatic turnoff. With extra wide 28mm slots to accommodate a Sandwich Cage and the award winning ProHeat elements, a patented design which increases toasting efficiency & element longevity, every toaster has a removable crumb tray and an adjustable rear foot.

Efficiency is yet another feature that the Dualit offers, the new improved selector switches allow more control of the heating elements.  For example you can manually turn off the right side heating elements when toasting only one slice of bread for the 2 slice toaster and 2 slices of bread for the 4 slice toaster to save on energy costs.
The Dualit toaster in my opinion is a “Green” appliance, it is efficient, conserves energy and its nothing like having your butter melting when you get your toast warm. Rumor has it that the Dualit toaster is used by the queen of England.  I had a client who bought a Dualit toaster; mentioned that her father in law’s Dualit toaster was one that he had inherited – a family heirloom! So here is another reason to start a family tradition.