Five Ways to Be Useful At A Wedding

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It’s been an exciting wedding season!  Princess Victoria of Sweden recently married Daniel Westling, in the biggest royal wedding since Diana and Charles back in 1981, while Former US President, Bill Clinton & Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton’s only daughter, Chelsea Clinton, got married just a few days ago. In Hollywood, actress Megan Fox recently tied the knot, much to the disappointment of her many male fans, while Grammy Award-winning country singer Carrie Underwood married hockey player Mike Fisher.

It is the wedding season and I have been invited to three weddings just this summer. But the one that I am looking forward to most is the one that I’ll be attending in Krabi, Thailand. My brother finally gets married to his beautiful Thai girlfriend. Being a mixed marriage, the happy couple will be saying their vows in both the traditional Thai and Sikh wedding ceremonies.

While weddings focus on the union of two people, they are also huge opportunities for families to reunite, bond and celebrate. Even though such events can bring about a lot of stress, they also present opportunities for family and friends to put aside their differences and celebrate with the couple. Of course there are many ways to get involved in a wedding and below, we have shared a few of our suggestions.

Weddings are a time of joy, and we should make the most of these happy occasions when they are brought into our lives.



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Five Ways to Be Useful At A Wedding.

You feel excited that your sibling or best friend is getting married but you’re not sure what how best to make yourself useful at their special life-changing event. Here are five ways that you’ll be able to help take some of the stress away from the bride and groom.

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1) Host a Bridal Shower – While historically a female-only affair, bridal showers have increasingly become an event for both men and women. Host a shower for the couple to mix and mingle with close friends and family pending nuptials. As gift-giving is also customary during such showers, it is also be a great time to take account of what the couple needs in their post-wedding life.

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2) Organize a gift registry – Help the couple set up a wedding registry checklist at their favorite store to avoid getting five sets of silverware and multiple irons among their wedding gifts. Their family & friends will also appreciate the help in choosing the right gifts that the couple could really use.

3) Follow Up On Wedding RSVPs – With so much to do, the last thing the couple will want to worry about is the wedding invitation RSVPs. Help the couple follow up on out-of-town guests who may need booking of accommodation and directions on that day. Call invited guests who have not responded to get the final head count. This will give the couple a better gauge of food and seats for the day.

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4) Create an Online Guest Book – For the couple who wants more than the traditional guest book, create a digital book that guests can type their messages into. All you need on that day are a computer and a computer savvy guest-book attendant. The data from the digital guest book can later be integrated with photos from the wedding, and voila, guest messages can be kept alive forever.

5) After the Wedding – People often forget the newly-wed couple after the big event. Offer to look after their mail, pets and plants when they go away on their honeymoon. By doing so, the couple will not have to worry about a thing while vacationing and can then focus on each other.

Help make it the perfect wedding by being there for the wedding couple. Instead of being a spectator, the event becomes more meaningful and memorable to you when you play an active role in it too.

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