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The long Labor Day weekend always brings an incredible buzz with it. Parents are rushing to get their kids prepared for school. Friends and family squeeze in that last big BBQ gathering. And everyone starts thinking about their plans for the upcoming Thanksgiving and year-end holiday season.

At this time of the year, we at Green & Green turn our thoughts towards holiday gifting and helping our clients get ready for the end of the year. This year, we are focusing on `green’ gifts. So what constitutes a `green’ gift? Is it a trendy buzz word that’s just an issue for the rich? Not necessarily. `Green’ gifts need not cost more than regular gifts and with some planning, they can make unique and memorable gifts that your friends and family will talk about.

In this month’s article, we bring you ways to go green with gifts. Do your part for the environment this year and get thoughtful gifts that help towards saving energy and the environment.



Going Green

The desire to “go green” has impacted the way people shop.  From clothing, to food, to cars, to gifts and even pet products, everyone’s doing their bit to save the environment.  Show your eco-consciousness this holiday season by giving a thoughtful eco-friendly gift. Here are some things to look out for:

Bowen – Local “Epicurious” basket $100.00

Bowen - Local "Epicurious" basket

1) Buy Local: Studies have shown that when you buy from a locally owned business, more of your money is used to make purchases from other local businesses, service providers and farms. This will in turn strengthen the economic base of the community, allowing such businesses to make more local purchases requiring less transportation and thus contributing less to sprawl, congestion and pollution.

KIWI U-Powered -solar powered charger

KIWI U-Powered -solar powered charger $59.95

2) Sustainable Gifts – A sustainable gift is one that is produced without adversely affecting the environment. These include goods that have been efficiently produced, that support local industry and use fewer materials in their packaging. For instance, you can buy clothing made from natural materials like cotton, bamboo, soy and even leather alternatives.

3) Go Organic – Simply put, organic products are those that are grown or raised naturally without the use of chemicals. Organic products are better for humans, animals and the Earth as they don’t contribute to pollution. Organic does not apply only to food. Non-edible products like cotton, skincare and housecleaning detergents can also be made from organically grown materials.

Eco-friendly Picnic Cooler for 2

Eco- friendly Picnic Cooler for two $89.00

Here is a perfect gift for the environmentally conscious – an eco-friendly PVC free backpack. Our insulated, equipped picnic tote for two with leak proof PEVA food and drink compartment is great for any outdoor event or occasion. Adjustable shoulder strap and front pocket.

4) Fair trade gifts – Fair Trade is an internationally-recognized approach that aims to ensure producers in developing countries get a fair deal. Each time you purchase a fair trade product, you help local craftsmen and producers achieve livable wages, skills training and sustainable business development, while breaking the cycle of poverty.

5) Ethical gifts – What constitutes an ethical gift? These tend to be donations towards a worthy cause that will help transform the lives of people in communities around the world. Whether you buy a goat, bees or mosquito nets, your gift will show that you care. Buy a home, bridge or tree in a loved one’s name and help alleviate poverty and hardship in a developing country.

Green & Green can help you go green with your gifts this holiday season. Whether it’s organic baby clothing, a tree-growing kit or a Canadian recycled glass bowl with native designs, we have a wonderful range of handpicked eco-options to suit all needs. Call us at 604-689-5027 today and we will be happy to help find the perfect gift.

Recycled Glass Desk Clock

Recycled Glass Desk Clock $97.50

Beautiful Desk Clock, Mantle design, carved details in Recycled Glass, Seiko Movement, Made in Canada

Little Sprout Organic Baby Gift $150.00

Celebrate the birth of a newborn with our little sprout organic gift basket. Our choices of organic clothing for the baby are practical, trendy and beautiful.

Little Sprout Organic Baby Gift Basket

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