Top Holiday Gift Ideas for Giving to Couples

While gift giving can be confusing, and advice abounds for the ill-knowledged gift hunter, lets face it, the top 10 list of this holiday season’s best gifts may not suit every type of gift-giving circumstance.  For example, what about gifts meant for more than one person?

Gift giving is not solely about following the latest trends.  The first thing to consider is WHO you’re giving to and what your relationship means to that “who”.  You may find that actually, your relationship is with a couple, not just a single person, and you can’t leave one or the other out when it comes to presenting the perfect gift. So why not go with a couples gift?  Ah-ha – the best solution!

A couple’s gift needs to satisfy the likes of both personalities, be neither too feminine, or masculine, and should be something they both can make use of.  So, here are some ideas!

Show tickets: this is great for couple that never spends time together.  Pick something fun, maybe even a comedy, but avoid ballets that will bore the man or racecar driving that will have the lady gawking.

Romantic dinners:
you can either do this with the skill of your hands by preparing a candlelit dinner for the couple, or with the touch of your heart by getting them a gift certificate to spend at a fancy restaurant.  You might score brownie points by finding out if they got engaged at a restaurant, and taking them back to that very same spot!  Or, you can go really interesting and opt for dinner cruise tickets, where the couple can dress up for a night out on the water.

Personalized goods:  embroidery of initials on towels, names on mugs and engraved metal pieces are something that can always be used around the home and will always remind them of you.  Plus, they’ll keep hands off each other’s property!

Kitchen knick-knacks:
while a new knife set will only work if you know for sure the couple needs it, things like a brie baker, fancy cork screw or fondue set are always treats to have when serving up special food experiences during the holidays and throughout the year.

Passion helpers: there’s nothing like ‘love in the air’, and you can offer it in elegance with essential oil kits meant for spiking up the heat between lovers, and chocolate brushes for….well you know!

Gourmet treats: when in doubt, always remember that the way to a couple’s heart is through their taste buds.  Gift baskets with gourmet food items will always be of value because you know they’ll get used up!

Finally, remember that with all the above suggestions, a true couple’s gift may have to come with a free baby-sitting coupon as well!  Don’t forget, it’s the experience you’re giving them that will count more than the object you’re giving.