What are good Christmas gift ideas? Here are our secret suggestions!

What are good Christmas gift ideas? Here are our secret suggestions!

Sometimes, asking a person what they want for Christmas takes the fun out of the surprise. On the other hand, it’s hard to guess what a person will like or dislike…or re-gift to our shame! However, as experts in the gifting industry, we’re not afraid of giving away our secret tricks to making sure a gift recipient loves their present, while you get to glean with pride on having picked the perfect souvenir of heart!

The first step is to find out the kinds of things your recipient likes, then think of things that are related to those core obsessions. Here are some examples:

For the sports fan: Someone who truly loves sports is likely to already have season tickets to something, and if not, then you can be sure someone else has thought of getting bleacher tickets, jerseys or logo hats. That’s not your focus. Think outside the box. People who watch sports are also going to love beer, outdoor activities and ‘manly’ accessories. So try something like the stadium seat – perfect for keeping a tush cozy…uh, we mean marking territory so he can go for bathroom breaks on time-outs. The collapsible party cooler can carry 48 cans – enough for him and his buddies at any event, especially the Bring-Your-Own-Beer parties. And no man is complete without the perfect executive folding chair for outdoor football matches.

For the romance junkie: Usually women fall into this category, and those that do are very feminine. They appreciate the little things that men do for them, like bring them flowers. Men, however, often think that since plants last longer, that would be the better investment. It’s not. Listen carefully to our advice: pamper her. Something like the Empress Bath Pampering Gift Basket will bring out the princess in her, and the French Belle Gift Basket containing bath flowers will create the most romantic mood. Girlfriends and houseguests are for offering floral gifts like plants.

For the workaholic: whether they admit it or not, workaholics are tired. Their job gives them drive and motivation, but at the end of the day, a foot treatment in the form of something like the Zen Garden Foot Spa Gift Set is a real reward at the end of a hard day’s work. These personalities also like to be recognized for their labour. Congratulating them with a personalized gift, or something monumental and fancy is always a good idea. For example a glass business card holder or an engraved brush finished hip flask are good ideas. Even native art for their office can say a lot.

Starting to get the idea? The examples can go on and on. Start with their core likes, and build from there. A cooking show fanatic will love a basket of gourmet foods, or fresh herbs they can grow themselves. A candle lover will also like scents and essential oils. Use your creativity to link the ‘likes’ and perfect presents together!