How to say thank you for the Christmas gift?

How to say thank you for the Christmas gift?

What’s better than receiving a Christmas gift? Getting thanked for one! Everyone loves receiving, but mankind seems to have an irresistible sense of satisfaction after giving. That satisfaction can be either greatly discouraged by the unappreciative, or can be uplifted by the ones who take a moment to say a simple “thank you for the gift.”

The right words to express our gratitude towards a gift giver are sometimes hard to muster up. It’s not as hard as saying “sorry”, but difficulty can arise since we definitely don’t want to belittle the “thank you”, nor overdo it either (for fear of sounding strange!).

Here are some tips to saying thank you for the Christmas gift:

Don’t wait: The longer you leave it, the more likely you are to forget about it, and by the time you get around to it the person who gave the gift will already have gone through the emotions of wondering whether it was a bad gift or not. This goes especially for the gifts that come with emotional attachments (for example, the “I thought you would really like this” gifts, rather than the “Here’s a bundt cake for dessert tonight” gift).

Always say it in words: Even if you have gotten the other person a gift too, remember to explicitly thank them for the gift they gave to you. Satisfaction over a gift for a gift arrangement is more like a free trade pact, rather than a meaningful expression of love towards one another. Whether you send a card in the mail (everyone loves receiving those now that we’ve entered the digital age!), or saying it in person with a face of delight, it WILL make a difference.

Get help: When you don’t know what to say, or if you just aren’t good with words, there’s nothing wrong with getting help. Someone close to you might know the right way to express thanks, or you can even look up thank you note examples online – but be sure to modify them before using them word for word!

Even when you didn’t like the gift: This is the hardest thing to say thank you for, but remember, the person who gave you the gift did think of YOU. Even if they weren’t able to hit the mark with your Christmas list for Santa, it’s only because they don’t know you well enough. Say ‘thank you’ for the thoughtfulness and kind gesture, rather than lying about enjoying the gift itself.

Finally, encourage others to do the same: We often forget that our spouses and kids also received gifts, and sometimes people need to be taught to be thankful, especially little people! When your children receive Christmas gifts from family and friends, encourage them to write thank you notes or make their own cards to send. Getting a thank you from the parent isn’t as heart-melting as a child’s writing and beautiful crayon drawing, don’t you agree?

If you are tight on time, consider investing in a card sending and printing software, that will eliminate the stamping, card shopping, mailbox finding, etc. and allow you to write on cards online and even send a gift along with it. Send Out Cards is an example of something like this, here is the link