Ideas for the perfect Valentine’s date – un-date and un-rushed!

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Two weeks ago, my son went skiing in the Kamloops with friends of ours. With the weekend to ourselves, my husband and I toyed with various ideas – dinner at a new restaurant, a movie or perhaps doing something more active like skiing. Because Steve was nursing an injured shoulder, skiing was out. We couldn’t agree on a restaurant and there wasn’t a movie that we really wanted to catch. Finally we decided to just stay home.

Without the stress of having to ensure that my son’s homework was done, rushing to cook dinner and making sure Aaron was in bed by his regular bedtime, I enjoyed cleaning the house, organizing our stuff, polishing, and cooking at a leisurely pace.

It was truly an unrushed Friday evening.  My husband and I relaxed and listened to our favorite jazz CDs, in the warmth of the fireplace and the glow of romantic candles. We welcomed Saturday morning with rousing classical music and a hearty breakfast. We hung out at home the entire day, watching a movie from our DVD collection and cooking a delicious meal together.

It was a wonderfully wicked weekend of no dressing up for restaurants, no interruptions and no crowds. It was a weekend of enjoying each other’s company; of honoring and respecting each other; of sharing laughter, dreams and hopes. Our `home date’ reminded me that the usual frills and trappings of romance are not as important as spending time with your loved one.

Have a wonderful Valentine’s this month. And to all our Chinese friends and clients, a happy Lunar New Year of the Rabbit!


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Ideas for the perfect Valentine’s date – un-date and un-rushed!

Valentine’s Day is a time to reflect on the value of your love for each other. Stumped for thoughts on how to celebrate? Here are 5 ideas…

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1) Cook a romantic dinner together. If you love to cook and experiment, try something new. Pick recipes from a cook book together. Perhaps something foreign, something you have never made before. Have fun preparing the room with candles, flowers and your favorite music.

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2) Recreate your First Date. Relive that special date, even if it was unforgettably embarrassing! Go to the same place, order the same food, and reminisce about the fun you had. Reliving your happiest moments will help you realize how much you mean to each other.

3) Plan an outdoor date. Spend the day or weekend skiing or snow shoeing. If you don’t want something too physical, then how about an evening visit to the zoo? Some zoos have special events for Valentine’s Day so check it out before you go.

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4) Take Dance Lessons. What could be more romantic than learning to waltz, tango or jive with your partner? Dance lessons are a chance to get close, have fun and do something new. Look out for special Valentine dance packages.

5) Plan a February picnic – indoors or out. Pack a picnic, drive to Cypress and enjoy the spectacular view. And if the weather doesn’t permit, move the whole thing indoors. Take your basket, blanket, picnic supplies and move them into your living room. Create an outdoorsy atmosphere by opening the curtains wide and moving your houseplants into the room. A great Valentine’s Day idea for chilly February!

Be creative; use your imagination to make it specific to your love. Remember that it’s the time you spend together which will mean the most to your relationship.

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