Summer has begun…and what a gift.


We were heading to Southern BC to my husband, Steve’s family’s 3rd annual camping trip, It was a cool and wet drive and the weather improved as the annual camp began. Three generations of family had gathered for a weekend of camping, cook outs, games, swimming, and the sounds and smells of everything wonderful. Ah, yes… summer had begun for me.

It was during this weekend that I met Steve’s Aunt Catherine Anne, the great grand-niece of the famous artist Emily Carr. Although I had heard about Catherine Anne and met her briefly at previous family events, I had never had the opportunity to learn about her paintings and her art. When I asked her when she became an artist, she simply answered “I did not know I was an artist.” I soon learnt she had a great sense of humor and bucket loads of humility.

I asked Catherine Anne if she remembered her own great aunt, Emily Carr. Catherine Anne recalls at the age of five, she, along with her sister and mother, went to visit Great Aunt Emily Carr. “I do remember being there at her home in Victoria. Aunt Emily’s monkey, Woo, had passed away, but there were chipmunks in a cage. When you are five, it is an amazing thing to see, real live “outdoor pets” in the house! Although Aunt Em, was known to be a little strange, she was kindly to my sister and me. My mother always told the story that while we were visiting and having tea and cookies, Aunt Emily had said to Mom, `Thank goodness you had the good sense to have girls’!” said Catherine Anne animatedly.

I saw some of Catherine Anne’s paintings and was amazed at how the talent of her great Aunt Emily had somehow influenced and seeped into Catherine Anne’s paintings.

One of the most talked about things during this camping trip was the spectacular black T-shirt that Catherine Anne was wearing. I asked if I could share this with our readers and she generously agreed. Catherine Anne calls this her `Bleach Bottle T-shirt’. So enjoy the fun summer project below, with the compliments of Catherine Anne, grand niece of Emily Carr.

Have a wonderful summer,




Bleach Bottle T-shirt


Items needed:

  • Black T-shirt
  • Paint brush of any size
  • Bleach
Catherine Anne’s T-shirt



1)    Lay your black T-shirt flat. Dip the brush into the bleach and paint freehand onto the front of the black t-shirt. This will give you a bleached out design on the front of your t-shirt. 2)    When you are done with your design, leave t-shirt to dry.

3)    Wash t-shirt in washing machine.

4)    Enjoy your creative t-shirt. (Catherine Anne had images of flowers at the back her t-shirt not shown).

Some of Catherine Anne’s paintings

Red as in Ruby At the height of the bloom
Weaver of Dreams Emily

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