Abundance this holiday season

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Abundance this holiday season

The year has gone by quickly and how soon the holiday season has come upon us. I was reflecting back on what my most prized gift for the year is and the one thing that stands out most is listening to my son share his gratitude for the day.

It all started when Aaron was little. We would talk about his day and its key events. Soon I realised that, like most kids his age, Aaron would often be complaining about the things that did not go his way during the day. I understood that this was his way of venting his frustrations. I decided that rather than always focusing on the negatives of the day, Aaron would have to share three things that he was grateful for each day before bed.

At first it was tough. Aaron thought it was boring and it took him a while to come up with three things that he was grateful for. Of course there were days when he said he did not have anything to be grateful for or could not remember. I persisted and insisted that surely he could find something he was grateful for that day. And he did.

Now expressing gratitude is easy for Aaron. The process has been so rewarding for me and it is my biggest gift to have a child who easily expresses his gratitude for even the smallest things in his life. It helps me see the world through the eyes of my son and to realize that as adults, we often take for granted the little things that we are blessed with. To Aaron, having Dad try out the tea from herbs Aaron picked from the forest was something he was happy and grateful for. So was having a great soccer game and having me at the side cheering him on. As well as spending time with his buddy, watching a movie and having a clean room after spending much effort cleaning it up.

This holiday season, reflect on your prized gifts; gifts that give you strength, that empower you or make you happy and fulfilled.

Have a wonderful holiday season ahead.

Ways to show you care

Here are some ideas on how you can express your gratitude this holiday season to your friends and loved ones.

1) Give generously with your words. Often simple words like ’thank you’ and `please’ make a person know they are appreciated. Compliment them and acknowledge them when they least expect it.

2) Say sorry when you are wrong. How difficult it is to say those three words, “I am sorry”. Tell them you are wrong and mean it. In turn, forgive when someone has hurt you without needing to hear the words, “I’m sorry.”

3) Hug when words are tough. It’s hard to stay mad when you hug someone. Physical touch can often bridge the widest of emotional distances.

4) Give generously with your deeds and actions. Offer to help a family member, friend or even a stranger. Whether it is babysitting, cleaning their yard or taking the time to visit, giving them the gift of your ears, the gift of your hands or shoulders.

5) Express your gratitude for someone you love. We are all guilty of taking our parents, siblings, partner for granted. Take this opportunity to tell them what they mean to you and how much you really care for them.

Being grateful for the people and things in our lives is one of the simplest ways to achieve a sense of daily happiness. The people we hold closest and dearest to us are often the ones we spend the least effort in displaying our care and affection. Yet, most people appreciate and need the occasional display of caring. Simple acts of kindness speak volumes to others in our lives.

Go Green with Gratitude this December

Visit our blog in the month of December for our daily inspirational gifts. We hope they will inspire and motivate you throughout this holiday season.
Here is December first’s gift:

Be patient – not everyone walks as fast as you, is as smart as you, or has access to the resources that you do. Accept that we all live our lives at different paces. Adjust yours to suit someone else and you may see the world in a new way.

Happy Holiday greetings
from all of us at Green & Green.

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