Green & Green Newsletter November 2013

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 Big Thank You

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Random acts of kindness

Is it just me or is there some wave of good Samaritan stuff going on out there in the world at the moment? At a time of year when many of us hunker down into the comforts of our homes to tough out the short dark days and the cold wintry nights, it is good to count our blessings and remember those less fortunate. Just this week I read this story which is wonderfully inspiring and reminds us all that — despite global problems such as poverty, hunger, social injustice and natural disasters – there is still great good in the world.

Fortunately there are many easier ways to help our fellow human beings with a random act of kindness. My son recently, when walking past an expired parking meter, with the ticket officer just one car away, decided to pop a loonie into the meter to give the vehicle’s owner a temporary reprieve from a hefty fine. He told me he likes to “pay it forward” which is a great habit to cultivate and makes me even more proud of him. But good karma is something our family has always encouraged.

Maybe it’s doing a favor for someone, or buying that guy on the street you see everyday a coffee. When you do something good for someone else it makes you feel good. There are so many things we can all do to help, and the little things add up and can have a huge impact.

Just this week, our own Governor General launched a new initiative called My Giving Moment You should see what people are up to with their intended random acts of kindness – check it out right here.

Of course it will soon be time to think about holiday gift-giving too. Spare a thought for those that may not be with loved ones at Christmas. People unable to go home to their families for the holidays. You may want to invite someone to your home to share the festive season. Think of neighbours, coworkers or a student from out of town.

Meanwhile, with a potentially wet November to endure, be nice to everyone and generate some good Karma. And share your umbrella where required!


Clam Shell Box

This stunning clam shell box is a reproduction from the Canadian Museum of Civilization.

Holiday Celebration

A bumber hamper of happy holiday wishes, sent to their door.