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Happy 2014! It is incredible that it’s only early January, the very start of a New Year, and that I saw cherry blossoms on my walk this morning. Flowers in the first of weeks of January – very unusual. We have been hearing about the incredibly cold winter conditions in Eastern Canada and, yet, here we have blossoms! The beauty and growth of the New Year, and the spectacular sunrises we witnessed earlier this week, are invigorating. To me, these are all wonderful symbols of the amazing year we have ahead of us.
As we usher in the year of the Wooden Horse, I am looking forward to the big things this year will bring, starting with the launch of a personal project that is very dear to me. On January 29th, I am excited to be speaking at VanEx to share myAbundance in a Box© and to talk about doubling your goodwill. The point is to increase your awareness of the beautiful moments in your life, every day, and to reciprocate for these gifts by taking your generosity to the next level.Organizational learning theorist Chris Argis promotes the idea of an assertive inquiry – an approach that blends the explicit expression of your thinking with a sincere exploration of thinking of others. The point, as with Abundance in a Box©
, is to remember to be inclusive of others, and as you go about your day, to acknowledge that thoughtfulness. Whatever it is that you are doing or feeling, remember to be inclusive of others with simple deeds of generosity. Sometimes, all you need to brighten someone else’s day (and your own!) can be a simple smile, a thoughtful gesture or a little gift. It is these everyday gestures that differentiate us and can have a huge, positive, empowering impact.

As we gallop through 2014, fulfilling our own aspirations and goals, our daily routines, we can easily miss opportunities where our small gestures can make a huge impact in building our relationships with customers and employees. No business goes from good to great without exceptional relationships with its customers and employees. Though many companies know relationships matter, they often don’t have a strategy for building them. They miss opportunities to share milestones and to show their appreciation for loyalty and service. So, what does this have to do with the Year of the Wooden Horse specifically? The zodiac recognizes the Horse as a competitive being, endlessly pursuing freedom, passion and leadership; Wood means flexibility and strength, resilience, generosity and cooperation. These two signs combine as a great symbol for entrepreneurship and success – 2014 should be a year of good fortune for many. Run with the idea of Abundance in a Box© this year: capture your success and pass your goodwill to the people you relied on for that success.

I hope to see many of you at VanEx on January 29th. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like more details and an invitation to the event!

Best wishes for 2014 and Gong Xi Fa Cai,