Tu Bishvat at Green & Green!

Tu BiShvat is the Jewish festival of trees and it starts this weekend! Trees hold special spiritual significance in Judaism. They are a symbol of knowledge, rebirth, and the natural world. Trees are even protected by biblical law in war time (Deuteronomy 20:19). In fact the Torah, the most holy text in Judaism, itself often is referred to as the Tree of Life”.

Nuts, fruits and grains native to the Middle Eastern region are commonly served to celebrate this holiday, especially the species described as being abundant in the land of Israel: barley, dates, figs, grapes, pomegranates, olives, and wheat.

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Today, Tu BiShvat is celebrated by secular Jews as a day to honour the natural world and spread awareness about ecological movements. It is customary in Israel to plant trees for Tu BiShvat, or donate to tree planting initiatives in Israel. One religious Jewish tradition is to plant “marriage trees”, cyprus trees for girls and cedar trees for boys, the year they are born. When the children grow up and get married, the trees are then cut down and used to make the marriage canopy.

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This year Tu Bishvat takes place on Monday January 20th, beginning the evening Sunday the 19st.

In Israel, fruits are ripening and trees are blossoming, but things aren’t quite the same here on the West Coast. In honour of Tu Bishvat, in the Green & Green office, we will be celebrating by eating dried figs, dried apples, almonds and grapes!

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