This Valentine’s Day, Linger a Little…

Ooh la la – it’s almost Valentines Day! The holiday of l’amour. This is the time of year for big, bold demonstrations of love. New boyfriends are expected to present bouquets of red roses, couples are required to pop the most expensive champagne (or the question!), and if you have a love letter tucked away, this is the day to finally send it (sealed with a kiss)…

But instead of the grand gesture, what if Valentines Day was a celebration of small, sensual pleasures?  There is so much pressure concentrated on this day: we mistakenly think the larger the gift, the larger their affection. Instead of hoping for something grandiose to brag about around the water cooler, what if we let the wonderful flavours and textures of Valentines Day (the flowers, chocolate, wine…) bring us joy and satisfaction as is?

flowers correct

Flowers are a great way to infuse some colour and texture into someone’s Valentines Day, which lingers for days afterwards…

That means, if you happen to receive flowers, make sure you care for them and take this time to breathe in the delicate fragrance.

If your colleague hands you some chocolate, why not move away from your desk and allow yourself to enjoy the experience without looking at the screen?


We can customize any Valentines Day to fit the tastes of your special someone or office team…

If you are so fortunate as to have someone to kiss, make sure to let the kiss linger…

Take joy in these moments – let them fill you and sustain you. Allow the smell, taste or feel of a moment stay with you throughout your day.

This is also a way to participate if you feel excluded from this holiday. If you and your partner don’t have the money to spend on a three-course dinner this year…light some candles and enjoy a romantic meal of Shake and Bake chicken. If your partner comes from a culture that traditionally doesn’t celebrate Valentines Day, why not take a walk in nature together hand-in-hand? And if you happen to be single – buy your favourite box of chocolate and probably have more fun than anyone else as you try each one.


The Strange Brew Basket will make local beer lovers go loco!

Just like our approach to designing gifts, we at Green & Green suggest you adapt the scale and style of Valentines Day festivities to fit your needs! If the shoe don’t fit, buy a new one! This year, we are going to use the day to celebrate the romance, poetry and sensuality of small pleasures. That way – we are guaranteed to avoid disappointment when no limousine pulls up in front of our apartment. We encourage you to use February 14th to take a deep breath in and just enjoy the something special – a song, a dessert, a touch… You can do this regardless of your budget, cultural background, or relationship status.

We have many gifts to tantalize and titillate your loved ones. We want to work with you, your specific needs to make sure the gift is perfect this year.  If you have questions about Valentines Day shopping, or want to customize a gift, please give us a call at 604-689-5027 or email us at

Remember, your enjoyment will inspire joy in others. So have fun and enjoy the small things for V-Day!