Baby Gifts and Baby Gift Baskets

When sending a gift, always keep in mind the reason and purpose. A gift is an investment that demonstrates your appreciation and thoughtfulness, offering tangible acknowledgement of a special occasion or personal accomplishment. As the world gets more connected and international business relationships are carefully navigated, respecting cultural etiquette is crucial. Thoughtful gift-giving builds rapport and cements lasting professional relationships.

Regardless of the occasion – acknowledging a job well done, celebrating a special milestone, welcoming a new born, showing your support during a time of personal grief, or saying thank you for a client’s support or business – convert these opportunities to share in the joy and make it a lasting, memorable event.

Our Gift Programs help you shine by injecting delight into day-to-day affairs by acknowledging and appreciating relationships.  We customize to suit your budget, theme and recipient profile.

At Green & Green we operate two Gift Programs; Internal and External:


This program is for your employees. Celebrate an employee’s new born with Welcome Baby which can be customized to include a gift for an older sibling, or acknowledge a job well done or a certification achieved with Magnificent Seven. This program is customized to suit your budget and corporate culture.


This program is for your clients and prospects. From creative branded gifts that your clients, business contacts, or new home buyers will keep, to executive gifts and gourmet baskets like the Big Thank You.

Here are some of the most popular and useful gifts that wellwishers
send to first time mothers… and second and third time mothers

Our Baby Gifts are always well received.  While we all love to mark the arrival of the new born with special gifts, it can be somewhat stressful working out what exactly would be appropriate to buy. In general, there are three main occasions when it could be appropriate to give a gift: at the baby shower before the baby is born; on your first visit to the proud parents after they’ve come home; at the christening or naming ceremony.

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So what could that perfect present be?


The Little Prince A soft and sweet collection for the new baby. Let Waddles, Dotty and Bear Delight baby with endless play time fun. (Also available in pink)


The Little Princess A soft and sweet collection for the new baby. Let Waddles, Dotty and Bear Delight baby with endless play time fun. (Also available in blue)

Most first-time parents would have purchased the essential items in advance. A gift of clothing or items for the nursery would usually be welcome. Practical items like receiving blankets, sleepers, T-shirts, onesies, crib sheets, mobile for the crib, etc would be appreciated.

Firstborn Boy

The Firstborn – Boy Something to read, something to cuddle, something special for Mum and a nightcap for Dad.

In the event that there is an older child, you could delight the older child with a special gesture to acknowledge his or her important role as the older sibling. You can provide a separate, handwritten card with congratulations on being a big sister or brother – from Mommy’s or Daddy’s office.


Green Start – Play, Draw and Create – The perfect gift for any older child. Hours of imaginative play anywhere and anytime. Magnets, markers and more to keep a child occupied.










Traditional keepsake items like silver spoons, rattles or simple jewelry, especially for the christening or naming ceremonies, would be perfect.

And don’t forget the Mom. It’s easy for all the attention to be on the new born so some special pampering for the Mom would be a nice change. A comforting bath or skincare gift set or robe would be great gift ideas.

Mommy + Me Girl

Mommy and Me – Baby Girl Also available for Mommy and Me – Baby Boy


A Family Affair – Baby Boy The perfect gift to celebrate a new addition to the family. Our Family Affair gift basket includes a gift for everybody: Mommy, Daddy, New baby & Older sibling.










Remember to include both parents in your message when sending a baby gift. This is a happy occasion so keep the mood of your message joyous and upbeat. Acknowledge the older child if there is one and your thoughtfulness will be well appreciated.

Call 604-689-5027 to discuss how we can create an internal employee acknowledgment program for you. We look forward to working with you.