Acknowledgement and Appreciation


Clam Shell Box

This stunning clam shell box is a reproduction from the Canadian Museum of Civilization. Clam Shell Box 7.5″ x 4″ x 5″.Also available in a larger size 16″ x 12″ x 7″

The Glenlivet

A wee dram of Scotland’s finest, served in cut crystal glasses, of course, on a sturdy bamboo tray. For that extra-special toast.


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Abundance in a Box

A progressive perspective of how to double your goodwill.

Chocolate Treasure

As many truffles as we could fit! The perfect gift for the chocoholic in all of us.

February is the month of love; it’s Family Day in BC; and this year it’s Chinese New Year.Every time I am at the Vancouver Executives weekly luncheon I marvel at great service and attention to detail that I receive from the staff at the Terminal City Club.

On January 21st I presented the topic Abundance in a Box©, which is: “The Art and Craft of an Opportunity Architect” and the event was a huge success!

However, on that day lost my fitbit that I received as a Christmas gift. I had called in but nothing was found, and this week as I arrived at the Club, I met Cory at the front desk and briefly mentioned that I had lost my fitbit on the 21st.   He said to said to me, “Fitbit? I think I heard of a fitbit being found”.  Well, he took me upstairs and presented me with my fitbit. I was so happy.

What amazes me each time is how the service staff at the Terminal City Club – Kelvin or Mia or Wayne remember little things, like how I take my coffee and always offering me the opportunity to add cream to my cup before the coffee is poured. It is these little things that touch me so much and grace my lunch meetings at the club. I feel honored and grateful for their attentiveness.

This ties in beautifully with what we all know that Acknowledgement is the key to appreciation; and the gratitude which brings about the automatic returns of thoughtfulness and kindness. The manner in how we acknowledge this thoughtfulness is paramount to building and cementing positive relationships.

On January 31st, I also had the opportunity to speak at IAAP‘s Western Canada Division Education Forum, and I presented, The Art and Craft of Gift Giving in the Business World.  I happy to say it was well received.

What creates happiness in the workplace? How can companies reduce work place misery/boredom effectively and inexpensively? Acknowledging staff with simple words like good morning, asking their opinion, participation and input will improve their feeling of being appreciated.

The human desire to feel valued and recognized is strong.  What makes the difference between a good business and a great one?  Solid products?  Attentive services?  Competitive pricing?  Sure. But no business goes from good to great without exceptional relationships with its employees.

Though many companies know relationships matter, they often don’t have a strategy for building them.  They miss opportunities to share milestones and to show their appreciation for loyalty and service.

Abundance in a Box (AIB) in the Office© is an easy tool to implement. It increases awareness and can result in a harmonious workplace which can profoundly increase loyalty and motivation.

A clever person once said, “We are not thinking machines but rather feeling machines that think”.

The key word is FEELING. To find out more about our lunch and learn seminars that engage employees and empower them to give their best, please email Mindy directly.

If you would like to receive our Insiders Gift Guide© please send me an email at and we will send you a copy.

Kindness and thoughtfulness flows easily when we acknowledge and it costs very little.

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