Thought to Ponder

Thought to ponder…

A humorous, holiday inspired anecdote came our way at the Green & Green HQ:


What would have happened if there were Three Wise Women instead of Three Wise Men?

The three wise women would have:

-Asked for directions

-Arrived on time

-Help deliver the baby

-Cleaned the stable

-Made a casserole

-Provided practical gifts

 Despite the humorous quality, there is a lesson to be learned—and it’s not gender politics. Wise Women vs Wise Men aside, this anecdote can help to map out the process of gift giving and any festivities that come your way.


Let’s break it down:

Ask for directions. If you need to get a gift for someone and you’re not sure what, you can always ask. There is no harm in being direct. If you prefer an element of surprise, listening is the best way to get someone a gift. They’re not likely to provide you with a list. But if you really listen, you will get the necessary information. What to listen for? Any minor complaints are great clues for getting a practical gift. Taking note of the recipient’s hobbies and activities is another way of deciphering the “what to get them syndrome.”

Arrive on time. Punctuality is key. Whether delivering a gift, or showing up for a party, being on time can mean a lot to the recipient or host/hostess. Respect for a person’s precious time makes the gift that much more meaningful. Even if you’re meeting someone for something as casual as a coffee, punctuality can be more of a gift to the person then treating them. Consideration for someone’s time is a powerful gift.

Help deliver the newborn. Not to be taken literally; offering to babysit your friend’s children is helpful and will be much appreciated.

Clean the stable.If you’re invited to a party you can always come early and/or stay late to help the host or hostess clean. Additionally, doing extra work around the home makes it easier on everyone, including yourself.

Make casserole. If you’re short on funds, making food for people is a fantastic and practical  gift. Preparing meals, such as casseroles, pastas and soups are wonderful and thoughtful time savers for busy people. By making them a batch of meals, you’re giving them the gift of nourishment.

Be a wise one this holiday season and stand out with your practical gifts that are thoughtful, caring and will be well received!


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