Singing in the Rain

It’s hard to believe, but spring is fast approaching—National Umbrella Day is on February 10 around the world—and instead of donning heavy coats and boots, we’ll get to switch to lighter layers soon enough. Yet with spring comes the rain; a bit of a downer, but a necessity for the lush green foliage and flowers on their way. We, on the other hand, like to keep dry. So, we tend to be on the quest for the perfect waterproof gear.

However, nothing works better than one of the oldest weather-shielding devices: the umbrella.


In Ancient China, 21 AD, the oldest record of a collapsible umbrella was created for the ceremonial carriage of Wang Mang, of the Han Dynasty.

However the umbrella as we know it was not created until the 17th century. Earlier throughout history the umbrella was used as a parasol; para meaning to shield and sol meaning the sun. Parasols were commonly used by the aristocratic class and predominantly by women.

Despite its convenience, the actual umbrella was used solely by women, as men would have been ridiculed for carrying one. The first man to begin toting an umbrella, social stigma aside, was English philanthropist, Jonas Hanway. Eventually, more and more men began carting this useful item, making it a common necessity between both women and men.Citizens Observing Jonas Hanway with Newly Invented Umbrella

Fast forward to 1928, sculpture student, Slawa Horowitz designed the first prototype for the compact foldable umbrella. In mid 1929, she received a patent for her design.

Now umbrellas are a common place necessity in any temperate climate; especially here on West Coast. They’re items we often don’t think about until we need them.

Every year millions of umbrellas break in very ordinary weather conditions from poor design and cheap materials. So, when making your choice, it is a good idea to have a well made umbrella gracing your logo.

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