Newsletter February 2014

The Search For Delicious

Abundance in a Box© is a personal philosophy close to my heart. It took nearly two years from its creation to the very successful launch at a Vancouver Executives meeting on January 29th, and I couldn’t be happier. I am elated, humbled and truly overjoyed by the response to Abundance in a Box© since my speaking engagement. Each of your kind words has been a Joy Deposit for me, and my box is overflowing with positivity. Thank you.


During those two years of development, I was blessed to have the opportunity to present Abundance in a Box© twice. It was still just an idea at that point, but at both events, attendees wanted to know when and where they could get their Abundance in a Box©! I was delighted to see so many IAAP members at The Launch – thank you for your long-time support. Your feedback after the 2012 talks was so encouraging; it kept me motivated and striving toward my goals.

Because Abundance in a Box© was so well-received, I kept testing its elements every day and sharing it with everyone I met. My own box sits on my dining table and I always take the time to reflect upon my day, to take stock of what made me feel happy or what I am grateful for – like how an unexpected gesture of thoughtfulness extended to me from a stranger brightened my day. It only takes a moment to watch your gratitude “highlight reel” of the day, and then you get to go to bed feeling abundant and happy. Actively remembering each special moment makes them doubly delicious!


Since the launch on January 29th, the response and feedback has been glowing and encouraging. If you are interested in attending the next event, you can join our email list here! I am also eager to share Abundance in a Box© with as many people as possible (the whole world if I can!) and would love to speak at your office, lunch meeting or conference. Please email me to book a speaking engagement.

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You can add Abundance in a Box© to any Green & Green gift order. For every box we sell, we will put $1 toward Sleeping Children Around The World, a charity dedicated to helping children get a good, safe night sleep – you’re already at one Joy Deposit!
I hope that you will be inspired to start your Abundance in a Box© and share your stories with us via Facebook or Twitter. Abundance in a Box© is a community and an open dialogue. I encourage you to share what made you happy, or where your box is located. Remember, delicious to you is very different from delicious to someone else!Be aware.
Be happy. Be abundant.
Mindy Tulsi-Ingram