Father’s Day Golf Notes

A very early reference to the game of golf is believed to date from 1452 when King James II banned the game because it kept his subjects from their archery practice.

There is a persistent urban legend that golf is an acronym “Gentlemen Only, Ladies Forbidden”. T’ain’t true – golf is probably derived from the Dutch word “colf”, which means stick or club.

Golf courses have not always had eighteen holes. The world-famous St. Andrews golf links in Scotland originally had 22 holes, but several were considered too short, so they were combined. This led to today’s current standard of 18-holes per course.

Golf Trunk Organizer

“I was three over. One over a house, one over a patio, and one over a swimming pool.” George Brett, Baseball Hall of Famer, on his golf game.

At Augusta 2011 – “It’s just a glorious day. The only way to ruin a day like this would be to play golf on it.”, David Feherty, CBS Sports Golf Channel announcer

Hate your boss? Your banker is concerned about your loan payments? Your mechanic tells you the car won’t be fixed until next week? And you want to take out your frustrations on them, right! Then the photo printed golf ball is just what you need. Take your favourite miscreant to the golf course for a round. You’ll feel better in the morning.