Help with gift giving for children at Christmas

Picking out children’s gifts can be a blast, and they’ll always tell you exactly what they want you to buy them. But with kids, all they know is what they’ve already experienced. Buy finding gifts that will give them more experiences, you can widen their curiosity about life and keep them learning new things, and developing tastes for the unknown.

Worried they won’t like your healthy snacks and educational books better than the latest video game? Don’t be. Here’s the trick with kids: they look up to adults. They like to act older than their age, and to spend time with their elders. Be it auntie Jane, Grandpa Joe, big sister or even mom and dad, nothing is more precious to them than attention! If you’re following our thoughts – we say, get them gifts they can use to spend time with you!

Here are some gift ideas to help you surprise children this holiday season:

A popcorn popper: what can be more fun than a science experiment you can eat? Add heat to corn seeds and what do you get? Popcorn! Show them how to cook their first snack in the kitchen with a popcorn popper that will come in handy for cuddling up in blankets and watching the latest animation. (Hint, try the buffalo throw for extreme coziness with the family this winter!)

A real adventure set: the wonders of nature are tireless with amusement, and boys and girls alike will treasure a real set of binoculars, a poncho, compass and flashlight. With the Root Outdoor Adventure Set, they can go hunting for caterpillars in the backyard or use the tools on an anticipated camping trip. Just be careful – this set includes camping knives that shouldn’t be used without adult supervision! (You can take it away before they open the box!)

Bath time fun: bath time is a signal that bed time is coming, and often kids get rambunctious knowing it’s their last chance to have fun being silly. No need to suppress it, just bargain a little fun time with hooded towels (they can be a dog, a flower or a blue prince!) and bath toys with the promise to settle down afterwards. The tiniest of your little once can also have their own baby robe! These are the daily moments they’ll remember in years to come. (By the way, extra fun bath time should include kids hair scrunching shampoo and bubble bath in both Blueberry Burst and Cherry Bubble Gum).

They all scream for ice cream: imagine the face of a child who is told they can bring ice cream with them ANYWHERE, and it won’t melt! It’s possible with the ice cream cooler tote, complete with a scoop! It holds an entire half gallon and yes, is waterproof too! Birthday party at the playground, anyone?

Of course, no rule says you can’t go traditional and get things like toys and clothing for kids gifts. Especially when you’re buying for babies, it’s the parents you want to impress the most. A bouquet of baby clothing or a baby gift basket may just contain what they’re needing the most during the most expensive months of their lives! They’ll love you for it, trust us!