Get into the swing of Spring

Sports Band

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Mini Keg 2 Go

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Fill it up with your favourite micro brewers beer, awesome home brew or on tap local beer and you are ready to go.

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MoMA Sky Umbrella Stick

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Get into the swing of Spring

I love the Spring, it may even be my favourite season of all. “Spring forward” always gets me in plan-making mode when we gain an extra hour’s sleep for daylight saving. There is an energy and a kind of optimism to Spring that is infectious. Out come the bees and the flowers; the crocuses, the tulips, the blossom trees. It’s also a good time to get out and mow the green (and) green grass of home!

Which reminds me, golf season is now officially in full swing. After the inspiring (and record-breaking) win of 21-year old Jordan Spieth in the Masters this past week, I’m sure many of us are freshly inspired to get out on the greens, and maybe break 100!

During the good weather, it’s tempting to dress casually, but Golf Course Etiquette and Dress Code should always be observed.

Here are five handy tips to follow about what NOT to wear:

  1. Your favourite designer jeans.
    Whether they’re from Rodeo Drive or Robson Street, your expensive denim designer jeans are a definite fashion faux pas on pretty much any self-respecting BC golf course other than maybe a fairground pitch and putt. Especially the ones with deliberate rips and tears (which seem to cost more than the completely intact variety!) As a general rule, for both men and women, no jeans on the greens should be followed.
  2. Cargo shorts and short skirts.
    Those guy’s shorts with the big pockets hanging off the side of the thigh are frowned upon at certain clubhouses. And ladies should note that short skirts (more than 6” above the knee) are taboo at the tee for most reputable golfing establishments. Whether it is a matter of risking an unfair distraction to fellow players or simply a matter of modesty and good manners, short hemlines are not on the shortlist. Shorts and or skorts however make the cut.
  3. Certain hats and caps.
    Rappers beware. Caps on backwards are a capital offense on most golf courses. (And fail miserably in shielding your eyes from the sun!) However if wearing caps with logos (and other logo-bearing clothing), some golf courses frown greatly on any branding or slogans that are not connected with (or supportive) of the game of golf. Nike is nice but Tap Out is out.
  4. Flip-flops and tank tops.
    We are not at the beach today. We are playing golf. Aside from the obvious risk of sunburn on exposed arms and shoulders, the wearing of tank tops and halter neck tops is just too casual and inappropriate for most swanky golf clubs. Flip-flops (or thongs if you’re an Aussie) are simply impractical on the fairways and greens. And do nothing to stabilize your stance when driving off the tee. (Soft spikes should be worn at all times.)
  5. Hoodies and sweat pants.
    Sometimes referred to as your “comfies”, these loose-fitting garments may be great for relaxing around the home but not so much around the 18th hole. Aside from being defiantly casual, sweats and hooded sweat shirts/jackets are simply not dressy enough for the sartorial traditions of golfing. A smart polo shirt with collar and short sleeves, paired with chinos or capris will help you pass muster every time.

If you’re unsure, it’s best to check the individual rules of acceptable attire with each golf club you’re visiting. Most golf courses cover these details on their websites.

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Two other events to remind you of, coming up very soon.

Administrative Professional Day is not just for IAAP members but is an important date to give appreciation by all managers to their administrative staff.

My friends and colleagues at IAAP are having their Administrative Professionals Day Breakfast marking the middle of Administrative Professionals Week on April 22nd  at the Pan Pacific Hotel, Vancouver next Wednesday.

This is typically a time when managers in hundreds of companies across BC make a little extra effort to show their appreciation for the hard work and dedication of their administrative staff – whether it’s a gold watch or a gift voucher, a gift hamper or a bouquet of flowers.

Mother’s Day, Sunday May 10

Yes, the toughest job in the world deserves to be recognized. How are you going to surprise your mother this Mother’s Day? Let us help you choose something special (link to your gifts)

Enjoy the Spring sunshine!

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