Green & Green Newsletter September 2014

Chocolate Lovers Gift Tower

We all know someone who just can’t get enough chocolate!

After Eight

Fend off the night with this comfy cozy, delicious dessert, Vancouver-local gift!

A Celebration Toast

Break out the bubbly – and the festive goodies too! This is your celebratory silver bucket, just add ice as required!

Aerator Decanter

Pouring in or out, the curves of this decanter gently disperses the wine providing superior aeration & oxygenation.

Big Thank You

Muy gracias! Merci Beaucoup! Arigato! Danke! Whatever the language, this delightful gift basket says it best.

Baby Girl

We are all Canucks! Start them early with this adorable baby basket.

Fishing and Patience

Thank you for your patience with our September Newsletter!Did you know that Salmon always find their way back to their river or stream of birth? Well this summer the Sockeye are returning to the Fraser in huge numbers. Estimates are as high as 70 million fish. Salmon, according to the First nations, is the life source- the provider of food for all living creatures. It is treated with such high regard that it is a symbol of immortality and wealth.
With all the lakes and rivers in British Columbia, this is a fisherman’s paradise. Now, Fishing is centered on two things:  one of course is fish and the other is patience.This Labour Day weekend we arose early and headed for our secret fishing hole to try and catch some Sockeye. We spent an entire day out on the river but alas, no fish. But I did take some other things which may prove to be more valuable. I learned that one man had been coming to this same spot for 15 years. He said how disappointed he was that he caught his limit in less than an hour. He really enjoyed the peace and serenity being on the river.I also saw how kind people are letting others that maybe haven’t caught one, experience the thrill of hauling in a 20 pound Sockeye. I met a Girl Guide who taught me how to tie a fisherman’s knot and how to avoid or get out of a snag.The disappointment of not catching any fish and the promise of next time is always there; looking for a sweeter spot on the river: maybe over there, on the other side there’s better fishing.

My Family loves fishing and I have come to enjoy it more as each fishing season comes and goes. It is just so great to be outside on a river, lake or ocean in this beautiful province of ours. So no fish this time, but there is always another day.

All my best to you,


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