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 Happy Holidays

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I can’t believe how quickly the year has whizzed by. It’s that time of the year where we all start planning our gift list and vacations for the holidays. My family is excited about visiting family and all the great feasting we’ll be doing.

The other thing that I can’t help but do at this time of the year is reflect on the people and events that have shaped my year. I was fortunate to be able to attend my brother’s wedding in Thailand in the summer. It was so great to meet my whole family again under such happy circumstances. At the office, I am so grateful for the small but highly committed people who work with me. And for my friends here in Vancouver and around the world.

So while we rush around this holiday season, let’s not forget to honor and thank the people who have helped make this year special for us.  In the article below, we share a few ways in which you can show your appreciation. And don’t forget that Green & Green is always on hand to help you with your gifting needs.

Happy Holidays,


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Express your Appreciation

We encounter so many different people each day, with each making a mark in our lives. We grow from these encounters and our lives are enriched as a result. Take the time to show your appreciation for the various people in your lives as we round up the year.

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1) Write a note– Take the time to write a letter or simple card of appreciation. In this day of email, texting and twittering, we forget how special a personal handwritten note can be. Tell them what they did and how it has touched you.
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2) Send a gift – It can be as simple as a box of homemade cookies, or as special as your favorite bottle of wine. If you‘d prefer to stay away from food, then a book by their favorite author or a basket of beauty or bath products would be perfect.  It’s the gesture that counts.

3) Meet up – Get together for a meal, a movie or a drink. It’s even easier if the person is a sports fan – just catch a game together!

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4) Cook a meal – Nothing beats an invitation to a home cooked meal. A delicious meal in the warmth of a home will definitely be well appreciated.

5) Make a phone call – sometimes just a simple call to say hello would show you’ve been thinking of him or her. Let them know they mean a lot to you and your family and wish them all the best for the New Year!

As the philosopher Seneca once said, “Nothing is more honorable than a grateful heart.” Stretch your imagination. Don’t forget your spouse, partner or children. Cherish those you love. Show your appreciation for them today.

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