10 Ways to Celebrate Spring

Last week when I went for a walk, I noticed a pink camellia in full bloom and couldn’t help but smile.  The thought of flowers blossoming and birds chirping cheers me up as it is a reminder that spring is just around the corner.

We were blessed with beautiful sunshine and spectacular days.  As much as I enjoy winter, I am excited about spring –  spring skiing, bike rides, walks and the outdoors.

On top of all this anticipation for spring, this month also brings us many exciting celebrations: International Women’s Day (March 8), St. Patrick’s Day (March 17), Navroz (March 21), also known as the Parsi New Year, and Easter (March 23).

As you welcome the season of rebirth, give thanks for new beginnings, and may spring bring color, joy and inspiration into your life.



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10 Ways to Celebrate Spring

1. Turn off the heater, throw open the windows and let the fresh air fill and energize your home. This could be the official start of spring-cleaning!

2. On your way home from work, pick up some flowers or small flowering plants for home. Tuscany

3. Let tonight’s dinner be the first picnic of the season–even if you’re dining on a blanket in the living room.

4. Create a collage of your winter pictures. Use photos, magazines and catalogs.


5. Head over to the nearest playground with your kids. Enjoy the sun and fresh air while allowing the kids to be themselves.

6. Pick up the freshest fruits and vegetables from the market and make a beautiful spring salad.


7. Visit the zoo. Our local zoo has a new baby Giraffe, Amryn born December 20, 2007 who is waiting to meet you.


8. Freeze a jumbo box of popsicles and share them with your neighbors on the front porch.




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9. Hike through your nearest wildlife area or park.

10. Bring the outdoors into your home with a splash of color. Add a new rug, cushions or curtains in the latest spring colors.


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