Wedding Gift Survival Tips

It’s that time of the year again and the wedding season is in full gear. The period from end-May till September sees more weddings than any other period in the year. You’ve probably been invited to at least one so far, or know that you will be attending one this year.

Unless you’re the bride or groom, most of us face these weddings with much trepidation. Often we spend much time wondering what gift to get the couple. And this year, many of us will be wondering how we can fit the cost of attending a wedding – paying for the gift, a new outfit, air ticket & accommodation – into our budget.

Weddings can be fun to attend. Lighten the stress with our wedding season survival tips this month. We show you how best to pick the perfect gift and not commit any wedding gift faux pas.

Have fun and cheers to all!



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5 Wedding Gift Survival Tips

I’ve just been invited to a wedding. What should I buy for a wedding gift? How much should I spend? This month we bring you 5 tips on surviving the wedding season.

1. Spend, don’t skimp.

The rule of thumb is to base the cost of the gift on your relationship with the couple, bride or groom. For co-workers, distant relatives or friends, you can get away with a gift costing between $50-$75. If the couple is a relative or good friend, spend in the region of around $75-$100. If the bride and/or groom is a best friend, close relative, or sibling, budget for something worth at least $100 to $150.

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2. Get a group gift.

What if you’re willing to spend, but cannot afford the high price tag of a big-impact gift? Pool your friends together and get a group gift. This way, you can make a statement without breaking the bank. That high-end espresso machine or beautiful crystal bowl may be well within your reach!

3. Stick to the registry.

If the couple has bothered to set up a registry at a store or website, then stick to it and get them what they want. It’ll also make life easier for you. The gift from the registry need not be boring. You can get creative with the packaging, or make it memorable by personalizing it.

4. Don’t get caught up with fads.

While they might seem boring, classic registry gifts should be filled first. The wedding couple will need those measuring spoons as much as the latest kitchen gizmo. Don’t buy Japanese bamboo place settings and dinnerware if you know the couple is not into Japanese cuisine. Make it fun – buy six basic kitchen utensils and throw in a cookbook from their favorite restaurant or chef.

5. Never re-gift.

What’s tacky is re-gifting. The recipient will be offended if they find out how cheap you’ve been on their special day. But if you must re-gift, then make sure you do it carefully. Remember to update the wrapping, remove old gift tags, and check that the gift was not something given to you by either the bride or groom. Re-gifts must still be new, never been used and useful to the couple.

Don’t leave your shopping for the wedding gift to the last minute. You could face slim pickings as many registries fill quickly. And we all know that shopping at the last minute can be stressful and often leaves us stranded with something we regret buying later on.

And always remember: you can count on Green & Green for great gift ideas. We have a wonderful array of specially selected gifts that would be perfect for the couple, bridesmaids or any member of the wedding party. Forget about gifts with no personality and call us today!

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