Secret Love

If you love chocolates, especially Baci, the story behind the love notes in each chocolate will intrigue you. So this Valentine’s send your secret love message with Baci.

True to the romantic spirit of Perugina, this phenomenal success began with… a kiss. In Italian, one kiss is a “bacio,” more than one kiss is “baci.”

Many, many years ago, the young heir to Perugina, Giovanni Buitoni, and Luisa Spagnoli, wife of Perugina’s co-founder fell in love. A confectioner in her own right, Luisa created many of Perugina delicacies. In 1922, she created Baci, whipped milk chocolate blended with chopped hazelnuts, topped with a whole hazelnut and enrobed in silky bittersweet chocolate.

Because their love was to remain secret, Luisa wrote love notes and wrapped them around the chocolates she sent to Giovanni for his inspection. Her affection inspired a tradition. Today, all Baci kisses come wrapped with love notes written in English and Italian. Unique and delicious, Baci has been the key to Perugina’s success throughout the world.

This Valentines send some “Baci”