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When I was at a retreat and asked to identify one object of nature that I most relate to, I wrote down the sky. To me the sky has many different moods & colors, depending on the season and weather. I am enthralled by the sky’s vastness and how it can affect us. It serves as a wonderful backdrop for the spectacular sun and beautiful cloud formations which never fail to hold my attention. When we go on a camping trip and I lie in my tent at night, I am always in awe of the vast sky and the beautiful stars that are sprinkled across it. Even on a simple road trip, I feel renewed just being able to stare at the beauty of the sky.

We are blessed and often take all this for granted. As we all know, a big and beautiful clear sky is not always the case everywhere. For example in China, which now owns the dubious title of being the world’s #1 carbon dioxide emitter as its economy develops at breakneck speed, friends of mine complain about the ash gray air that envelopes the sky. In Indonesia, forest fires, caused by slash-and-burn cultivation at the end of each harvest season, are now an annual occurrence that produces choking yellow smog, engulfing the whole of Southeast Asia. In such places, blue skies are often the exception rather than the norm.

Get outside and indulge in nature. Allow the outdoors to rejuvenate you and enjoy the healing power of nature. This month, we bring you tips on how we can make the most of the outdoors this summer. Do share your own ideas and suggestions with us at info@greenNgreen.com. We’d love to hear from you!



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Ten things to do this summer

This summer, indulge yourself in gorgeous sunsets, picnics in the park, and long nature walks. Enjoy the gifts of nature’s abundance and beauty.

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1) Pitch a tent, sleep outside – If a hectic work schedule leaves you with no time for friends and family, then a weekend camping trip is the perfect answer. Setting up camp, fishing and cooking will have everyone working and bonding together in no time.

2) Grow a Bonsai – The ancient art of Bonsai has become increasingly popular in recent years. Join a class or go on YouTube to learn how to cultivate your own Bonsai tree. All you need is time and enthusiasm.

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3) Have a meal outdoors – Simply serve dinner on your backyard table or out on the balcony for a change. Meals always seem to taste better outdoors.

4) Hike the mountains – Escape the monotony of the gym and treadmill! Hike along more adventurous trails on mountain ridges. This activity that costs next to nothing will have you working on improving your health and fitness real quickly.

5) Cycle or rollerblade along Stanley Park’s Seawall – Enjoy the beautiful park and bay, or if you prefer, just walk, and enjoy the relatively flat terrain of the Park’s most famous feature.

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6) Go bird watching – Canada is home to hundreds of species of birds, and bird watching trips can be very exciting. The opportunities to be outdoors and chance for photography are great reasons to take up bird watching in your leisure.

7) Sign up for sunset kayaking – Have you ever experienced a sunset kayaking tour? Until you do, you will not realize how wondrous nature is – from the fiery sky above to the gorgeous seals & otters at sea level.

8) Take a Mountie Crash Course – Be a Mountie for a day in Regina! There’s a interactive forensics display for budding CSIs, an array of transport from dogsleds to planes, and tales of outdoor life on the frontier.

9) Go fishing on the Campbell River –Known as the Salmon Capital of the World, the Campbell River boasts some of the best fishing in all of Canada. Not only is there the possibility to snag a 40 lbs salmon, but you also have the chance to catch other species of wildlife like bears, eagles and even whales!

10) Bring the Outdoors In – Surround yourself with the outdoors by bringing it into your home or office. A bouquet of fresh flowers looks as lovely in your kitchen as it does in your office cubicle. Adding color to a wall or even ceiling can bring a pop of color to your room and remind you of sand, sea or sky. Potted plants, bundles of branches or bowls of colorful fruit can also bring nature indoors.

As you can see, there are tons of cost-effective options that don’t involve expensive airfares & hotel rooms. A summer holiday need not be expensive or time-consuming. Remember to check out your local area newspapers and websites for free and nearly-free summer activities that will keep you entertained, healthy and active without going broke!

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JULY 11, 2010

My team “Go Dog Go” requests your participation in a refreshing bike ride to Harrison Hot Springs. Its the Rotary Club of Vancouver’s 26th Annual Bike-A-Thon – a 120km ride to raise funds for the hearing impaired in British Columbia.

Register , Pledge or email me at info@greenNgreen.com

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