How to buy a gift for the guy that has everything?

A gift for the guy who has everything

‘The guy who has everything’ – everyone knows one of these.  They’re a special breed, but when we really consider it, we have to admit most men carry similar symptoms.  Sometimes those symptoms mutate into a guy who doesn’t like anything, but that’s what can keep us thinking positive during the venture to find a gift for the guy who has everything.

Only you know your man best (and how serious his case of ‘having everything’ is).  So, with that in mind, here are some guidelines to overcome the battle.  Put your inspiration hats on, we’re going to get into the mind of the man who has everything:

Avoid feeding his obsessions:  when men love a certain thing, they are prone to be very picky and particular about that thing.  For example, coffee lovers (men and women alike) will only appreciate the taste of a special type of high end, quality roasted bean.  In this example, it’s probably too much work for you to get educated on the facets of quality coffee theology, so to keep it simple, just avoid it.

Remember he’s never satisfied:  the guy who has everything is a person who always wants more.  If he didn’t want more, he would have been happy when he bought his first $1500 tie.  But we all know he’s got more than one.  So now your job as Sherlock is to find out what he doesn’t have, based on what he does have.  If he has a silk shirt in blue, find him a silk shirt in another colour, so he can switch it up.

Let him show off:  having everything is not all about oneself.  It’s also about showing that you can have everything.  Brainstorm ideas of gifts he can use to purposely show off he’s got something.  The best place to start, of course, is where he showcases his specialties – his office for example.  Try a glass ornament, or a pricey Geochron Global Time Indicator where his clients can see he’s all about precision when it comes to doing international business.

It’s the little things that get noticed:  while in the last point we thought of letting him show off in the most obvious way, don’t forget that people in his circle are aware of the tiny things he might have spent money on, like his cufflinks.  Since cufflinks are all too common of a ‘tiny’ gift, consider a unique business card holder made of pewter, or a native art symbolic picture frame.

Make him feel useful:  men like to know they are appreciated for their hard work.  Because of that, you can trick him into making him feel useful for you.  For example, a barbeque cooler kit (whose already got one of THOSE?), or even a fancy BBQ fork thermometer will do the job.  Come summer time, when you ask him to help start up the meal, he’ll be ready with tools in hand to get the job done!

Hopefully our analysis of the guy who has everything has left you inspired to think of a great gift idea that will finally compete with his never-ending black hole of possessions.   Get ready to see the look of excitement on his face!