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We’re all familiar with the honor code. The use of the honor code depends on the idea that people can be trusted to act honorably. Honor codes are most commonly used in schools to deter academic dishonesty.

Outside of school, there’s no single definition for it. Honor is made up of a lot of things. To me, honor means treating everything you say as if it’s an oath. What is said should be treated as done. If I’ve promised a friend to take care of her cat while she’s away, I’d do so even though cats may not be my favorite animal.

Honor also means acknowledging your mistakes. If I discover the store clerk has given me more change than I am supposed to receive, I return him the extra change.

Honor means graciously accepting the mistakes of others. If I have been wrongly accused of taking something that’s not mine, I accept the person’s apology once they discover the mistake they’ve made later on. No grudges, no resentment.

When I start to trust the community at large and learn not to harbor bitterness or animosity, I feel more at peace with myself. That’s my personal honor code. In this new year, instead of having a long list of the usual resolutions, I will focus instead on making honor the heart of all that I say and do. Definitely no easy task.

May you have a happy and honorable new year!



Uplifting Honor

What does it take to be an honorable person? Are our lives good examples for our children to follow? Honor is often related to honesty, integrity, and respect. Living an honorable life is not something that just happens – it is something that must be carefully and continually sought after.

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1) Your values – Decide what values are most important to you and make them the center of everything that you do. Never compromise them, even if it’s to benefit you.

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2) Your friends – Hang out with people who share your values or at least support them. As long as they treat you with respect, be open-minded in how you treat them too.

3) Your feelings – People who breach your trust don’t deserve your friendship. Hypocrisy can never be tolerated.

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4) Your relationships – Relationships require more than friendship or love to be successful. Ensure that yours is a lasting one by showing your respect and appreciation.

5) Your mistakes – If you’ve made a mistake or have been proven wrong, just admit it. Never lie. Handle your oversights or blunders openly and just apologize if you’ve offended anyone.

To be an honorable person means to treat the people around you with respect and high regard. Treat your family, friends and colleagues with courtesy and thoughtful consideration. We can have all the riches in world, but without honor, none of us shall taste true success.

“Rather fail with honor than succeed by fraud.” – Sophocles

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