Fifty percent divorce rate? The cup is half full to us…

As true believers in love, we can’t help but be encouraged by all the success stories of partnerships and marriages that have lasted a lifetime, and are still going strong. Now that Valentine’s Day is approaching, we want the rest of you to do the same!

While the Internet and magazines alike are inundated with relationship advice, we want to leave the ‘dating doctor’ behind and learn by story telling. And so our question to you is, what was the first, initial attraction you had that drew you to your partner? Was it his legs? Her angry, but attractive face? His love letter of future dreams with you? Or did it take time to get accustomed to the idea of eternal love with the one you’re with now? No two stories are alike. And statistics will probably talk about a 50 percent love-at-first-site rate, just like they talk about the 50 percent you-know-what rate (we hereby forbid the word to be spoken in respect of Valentine’s Day!).

As the members of our team discuss love, we remember stories of those whose weddings we have been to, and whose homes have touched our hearts. For the romantics out there, be ready to fall in love with your OWN story once again, as we look at the following ways people have come to desire each other.

“A friend of mine had a dream about his future wife, whom he had known since childhood. He woke up knowing, without a doubt, she would marry him. He wrote her a letter telling her so. She wrote back saying, ‘I will show you we are NOT getting married.’ They’re still together and have three kids.”

“I know a lady who saw her husband on a home-like amateur video. He was in a city hundreds of miles away, and the camera only landed on him for a moment. She thought ‘Wow, I’d really like to meet THAT guy.’ About a decade later they met in person and he was immediately interested. He was her other half, she said. He was also dark and handsome and just the right size.They’ve travelled the world together with their children.”

“Two young teenagers on a snowy night found comfort at a Dairy Queen, and met there with friends. The young boy drove the young girl home and after walking her to her door he gave her a tiny kiss on the cheek. She went inside and told her mother, ‘I’ve just met the man I’m going to marry.’ She was 14. They stayed in love through adulthood, got married and now have grandkids.”

“I know a lady who went to work and noticed a man’s legs since he wore shorts on the job. She went home and told her sister, ‘you have GOT to see this guy, he has the most amazing legs!’ They’re married and now they run a company called Green & Green.”

What was yourfirst attraction? It’s different for everyone. Some of us have to be convinced some more that the attraction is real, and some know right away. The point is that for one reason or another, love can last forever. It’s possible. We believe it, and so can you!