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This year, a special toast goes out to my friend, Mike, who made a life-changing decision four years ago. Mike and his wife, Teresa, had already long given up on their dream of adopting a baby after waiting unsuccessfully for years.  Now in their 40’s, suddenly the opportunity to adopt a baby landed literally on their doorstep. To Teresa, the decision was clear – even though she and Mike had given up their dream to be parents, she would still welcome the idea of adopting a baby.

However, for Mike, the decision was not as simple.  He left for a few hours to sit in his garage to think. His dad had passed on and all he could remember of his dad was that he had never been around for Mike. Looking at the picture of his dad in his garage, it dawned on Mike that he could turn a negative memory into something special by giving this child the opportunities and love that Mike never had growing up. This was a wonderful chance for Mike to try to be the best father he could ever be. Today Mike is a full-time stay-at-home dad who is in love with his son and is the best dad ever.

Mike and Massimo

I had asked my 12-year son to describe his own dad & grandfather. “Dad is AWESOME and grandpa is FUN-DERFUL!” Aaron had replied enthusiastically. This month is dedicated to all the awesome and `fun-derful’ men who do so much for their kids and grandkids, and who offer so much to make the world a better place. And to my friend Mike, a Happy Father’s Day!



Making Father’s Day Count

With Father’s Day just around the corner, here are 5 ideas to add some spunk to that special day. Give your dad, or the father figure in your life, a break from his everyday role as handyman, mechanic, and gardener, and give him a day to enjoy doing what he likes best.

Party Cooler with International beer $150.00

Large insulated collapsible party cooler filled with international beer. Pop-top in the lid allows for easy access to beverages. Easy transportation and storage.

Collapsible Cooler with a variety of International Beers

1) For the Outdoor Dad – How about fly fishing with dad at a beautiful stream like Lower Skagit? Or how about doing some turns together up at Grouse? (Grouse Mountain is currently sitting underneath 600cm of snow with fresh snowfall in the past week with more to come in the forecast).  Another option is a day on your bike, hitting some of the beautiful trails in Vancouver. If your dad is a dare devil at heart, how about archery lessons or a day at the shooting range?

Scotch with Riedel Crystal Glasses

Scotch with Riedel Single Malt Crystal Glasses

2) For the Travel Bug– If you dad loves travelling, how about a trip to his hometown or to a place that he’s always wanted to go? The summer season offers many travel opportunities and your dad would surely enjoy the time together with you. Check out the many travel deals that are being offered both by airlines and hotels.

3) For the Connoisseur – You will surely score brownie points with our specially created Cooler Tub with international beer from all around the world. If your dad loves the grill, call us for our best BBQ tools and sauces will surely please him. (And don’t forget to add the BBQ thermometer fork!)  Or if dad loves his scotch, our custom basket, comprising of his favorite single malt scotch with Riedel scotch crystal glasses, will be just perfect. Or go all the way with our tailgating Buccaneer, incorporating a BBQ grill and 3-piece BBQ tool set.

Native Carved Chess Set

Native Carved Chess Set $860.00

Commissioned by the Canadian Museum of Civilization the original version of this chess set was carved by internationally acclaimed Haida artist Christian White. Fine museum reproduction of the Canadian Museum of Civilization Haida Gwaii collection.

The artist chose his father’s Eagle clan to represent the King and his mother’s clan of the Raven to represent the Queen; the Bishop became the Frog; the Knight, the Killer Whale; the Rocks became the Bear and Beaver; and the Pawn took on the human form of the Watchman. The original chess pieces were carved from argillite, a soft stone only found on Haida Gwaii.

4) For the Dad in need of Spoiling -Create a booklet of gift certificates to be used at his convenience. No dad would turn down a chance to get a car wash, a haircut and especially a meal at his favorite restaurant.

5) For the Collector Dad – Is your dad a movie buff? He might love his favorite movies on HD or Blu-Ray.  Or if he collects books, coins or stamps, take him shopping to hunt down more collectibles to add to his collection.

Enjoy Father’s Day with your dad or the father figure in your life.  You have only one dad so make this special day count.

The Vulcan BBQ Cooler

The Vulcan BBQ Cooler $235.00

The ultimate, all-in-one, insulated tailgating cooler with gas grill, three-piece BBQ tools, and fully-removable waterproof cooler section. Propane not included. Optional trolley sold separately.

Captain’s Mistress $78.95

This beautiful boxed game was played by Captain Cook on his voyages. It helped to entertain the Captain, his officers and crew during the long voyages.

Captain Cook used this game nightly to relax with his fellow shipmates. Cook spent so much time playing the game; it became known as The Captain’s Mistress. The object of the game is simple, yet the strategies are endless. Players try to line up four of their hardwood “rounds” in a row, either horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

Captain's Mistress

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