Happy Thanksgiving……and most of all, thank you.

“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.”
William Arthur Ward

I am pleased to share and reveal the fresh new look for our Green & Green website. The site has been a work in progress these past months and is still being worked on as we speak. You will see lots of updates, including the new format of this newsletter. We hope you will find the website easier to use and like it as much as we do. We are grateful for your friendship, business, feedback and referrals. Your confidence and support in our gifts and services have made it possible for us to embark on our 19th year in business.

We know that people who do business know the value of a thoughtful gift, whether received or given. And a well-chosen gift makes a client, customer, business contact or loved one feel valued and appreciated.

October marks the beginning of many special holidays; so from our families and all of us at Green & Green, have a wonderful and happy Thanksgiving!

Holiday Gifting Tips

When was the last time you swore you’d start your holiday shopping earlier to avoid the mad rush and the stress? Well this is the perfect time to start planning your shopping list. For many of us, it’s not just friends and family that we have to shop for, but also office colleagues, business associates and clients who have helped made life a little easier for us the past year. Here are some tips to help make a lasting impression and to take the pain out of holiday shopping.

1. Make a List. Actually make two lists – one for family & friends, and another for significant people at work. Consider all the people who make you look good at work – your personal assistant, your executive and anyone else who’d be thrilled to see your gifts of appreciation for them. Set a budget against each name and stick to it.

2. For the Love of Food. You can never go wrong with food items. Go local, organic or gourmet – these days one is spoilt for choice. This is the time of year when carb-counting gets thrown out the window! Otherwise consider low-calorie dessert options. Your recipient would appreciate your thoughtfulness.

3. Fabulously Functional. What do you buy a client or colleague who has everything? Whether you get the latest gadget or a classic desk accessory, it’s important to keep the recipient in mind.  “Read up to find out the latest audio or video gadget for the road warrior, or how about a cool wine and bar set for the wine connoisseur?” suggests Mindy Tulsi –Ingram of Green & Green. “You can give something functional but the key is to find something that the gift recipient will like but may not buy for themselves.”

4. Shop Early. By starting early, you’ll have the luxury of planning for the gifts and taking advantage of the best deals. If your gifts are delivered by Thanksgiving or early December, it increases the chance of your gift being remembered and better appreciated.

5. The Devil is in the Details. Presentation is everything! You want your gift to evoke surprise and delight. Get creative where possible and always ensure quality. Remember to take into account cultural and religious sensitivities when gifting. Your attention to detail will set your gift apart from others.

Remember that your gift should reflect the recipient’s taste and not yours. A memorable gift is one that is well thought out and beautifully presented. And finally, remember always to attach a simple and personal note with your gift. Your recipient will appreciate your time and sincerity. Happy shopping!

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