Remembering Friendships…

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The Celebration Plate of Plenty

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Remembering Friendships…

Two weeks ago, I celebrated Diwali, the Festival of Lights. What made it more memorable this year was that I connected with a childhood friend of mine. Pome and I had grown up together in Singapore as our parents had been good friends. We lost touch when I moved to Canada and did not contact each other much except for the occasional news through my family. My friend Pome had gone through a lot: she’d lost her husband, got her daughter married and had just sprung the wonderful news that she was going to be a grandmother. It was a heart warming and emotional few days for me, bringing back so many fond memories. We shed much tears of bitter-sweet joy as we recalled the good old days.

Friendships add value and meaning to our lives. But friendships need nurturing and attention so that they can grow and blossom. With our busy lives and schedules, it is easy to take friends for granted. This Remembrance Day as we remember those who sacrificed their lives during the World War, let’s also remember the special friends, past and present, we’ve made over the years.

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Keeping in Touch Across the Miles

While you may not be able to reconnect in person with loved ones this holiday season, you can still find ways to catch up with them. These days, technology makes it even easier and cheaper to do so.
Here are 5 ways to show your friends and family that you’re thinking of them:

1.      Send a holiday card. This is still a simple yet personal way to keep in touch. My all time favorite is using SendoutCards, an easy and hassle-free way to send a personalized card. My friends just love receiving them from me!

2.      Make a phone call. The traditional phone call is still a very popular and effective way to keep in touch. Even better, Skype for free if your loved one has Skype set up. This allows you to gather everyone around the computer to chat. Even if your loved one does not have Skype set up, it allows you to call them on their phones for such great rates.

3.      Design and send a photo album. Whether it’s a simple 8-page scrapbook or a beautifully designed photo album, this is a great way to share photos of yourself and your life with family and friends. These days, online sites make it very simple to put together a high-quality album together.Sendoutcards has made this so simple with photo albums.

4.      Send the unexpected gift. Imagine receiving a surprise gift on your doorstep! Whether it is a warm and cosy blanket or a beautifully carved chess set, it will surely bring a smile to your loved ones’ faces. Green & Green can help you select the right gift for your budget.

5.      Set up your own blog. Keep in touch by sharing your thoughts with family and close friends. There are countless blog sites online that offer you the opportunity to maintain an online journal so that your loved ones can share your experiences first hand. Or if you prefer, create your own website where you can upload your photos, post news or letters.

Maintaining friendships and relationships can be tough. Don’t let distance keep you apart. In an age of unlimited communication options, there’s no reason you should lose touch.

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