Happy New Year

Original Filson Briefcase

Sturdy, versatile and your everyday dependable briefcase, appropriate for the field. Inside is a wide carrying compartment, two full-length open pockets and sewn-on compartments for calculator, business cards, pencils and pens. Narrow pockets on both ends and full-length outer pockets on both sides. Meets carry-on requirements.  $215.00

The Guardian of the Salmon

The Guardian heralds the return of the Salmon for their spring run. He rejoices in his song of welcome and calls all to share honourably in their generous offering of life.  Made of a solid mix of bronze and glass $220.00

Echoing contemporary monumental works by First Nations artists such as The Black Canoe by Bill Reid, this new series from artist Michael MacLean blends tribal and figurative motifs. These exciting and timely pieces testify to the strengths in our shared cultures. Animals can be experienced as elemental forces with totemic power and as individual beings with mortal problems and triumphs. These bronze sculptures were created as a prayer for the continuation of myths as well as biodiversity.

Looking for the perfect gift for your Board of Directors Meeting, Recognition Awards, or Speaker Gifts? Green & Green offers dignified choices that express your company’s most sincere regards. For an additional $40.00 have the Guardian on a walnut base for a beautiful presentation.

Happy New Year

Another brand new year has sprung up on us again. Each year, I spend many months preparing to welcome the New Year and suddenly, it’s gone within 24 short hours. While I am not one to complain about the passing of time, I do feel a sense of nostalgia thinking back on the events of 2011.

The past twelve months have gone by so quickly for me professionally and personally. I met many interesting people, and worked with a fantastic team of suppliers, buyers and co-workers. I am ever so grateful to my family for being so patient and understanding with my long work hours and for always being there to help me traverse the ups and downs.

And before we bemoan the passing of the New Year, we have yet another major new year celebration just around the corner. In less than two weeks, Chinese all over the world will be ushering in the Lunar New Year of the Dragon. For all the lowered expectations we’ve been told to have in 2012, the Year of the Dragon promises happiness and success. And for those born in the Year of the Dragon, 2012 is expected to be a happy and joyful one for them.

So a happy lunar new year to you and yours. Wishing you a prosperous and healthy Year of the Dragon. Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Five Things to Know About the Year of the Dragon

On 23 January, the mighty Year of the Dragon will be upon us, bringing much energy and optimism.  What will the New Year bring? Here are five fun facts about the new year.

1) Year of the Dragon. The upcoming Lunar New Year will commence on 23rd January 2012 and go on till 9th February, 2013. It will be the Year of the Dragon, one of the twelve animals of the Chinese Zodiac. Historically in China, the Dragon is seen as a symbol of power and the emperors were often represented by the mythical Dragon.

2) Which New Year? The Chinese New Year is not the same as the New Year the rest of the western world celebrates. This is because while the west makes use of the Gregorian solar calendar the Chinese have always maintained the use of the lunar calendar. Hence their New Year depends upon the cycle of the moon and falls on a totally separate day than the western New Year.

3) Free Spirit of the Chinese Zodiac. Those born in the dragon year are innovative, self-assured, brave, enterprising, passionate, and driven. They are often referred to as the free spirits of the Chinese Zodiac. Their creative sparks get destroyed when they are restricted. They are fearless and confident and ready to take up any challenge.

4) Dragon Compatibility. Dragons are compatible with the Monkey(1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992),Rat (1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996), Snake(1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989), Rooster (1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993) and Tiger (1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998).

5) Famous Dragon Personalities. Some of the popular dragon personalities are Isabella Rossellini, Dinah Shore, Reese Witherspoon, Juliette Binoche, Sandra Bullock, Bing Crosby, Julie Christie, Neil Diamond, Placido Domingo, Kirk Douglas, Michael Douglas, Tom Jones, Marlene Dietrich, John Lennon and Al Pacino.

Look forward to lion dances, dragon boat races and fireworks as Chinese all over the world celebrate the Lunar New Year. Call us at Green & Green if you’d like any assistance in sending your friends a gift for the Lunar New Year.