What a man really wants for St Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s CocoArt Heart

Gable box contains an exquisite hand painted / moulded white + dark chocolate heart filled with a cinnamon peanut praliné, passion fruit & raspberry fruit jelly pieces, roasted peanuts and dark chocolate puffed rice. 180gms  $15.00 each

Red Roses

Twelve pretty red roses, the ultimate Valentines flower gesture foilage $100.00

What a man really wants for St Valentine’s Day

Don’t forget this year is a Leap Year, and, according to ancient tradition, February 29is the perfect day for a woman to propose to her man. So with that in mind, we asked one of our staff writer’s for his perspective on what a man really wants for Valentine’s Day. Article as follows:
It’s probably true to say that most men can admire the action hero personality traits, elegance and sheer style of the legendary character James Bond. In the novel From Russia With Love, author and creator of the most iconic secret agent of all time, the late Ian Fleming, describes Bond thus:

‘Name: Bond, James. Height: 183 cm, weight: 76kg; slim build; eyes: blue; hair: black; scar down right cheek & on left shoulder; all-round athlete; expert pistol shot, boxer, knife-thrower; does not use disguises. Languages: French and German…. vices: drink, but not to excess, and women.’

Well, assuming your man is faithful and true and loves you like the wonderful woman that you are, then perhaps he is deserving of some special “action hero” type gifts on this Leap Year Valentine’s Day.


For starters may we suggest:
Escape to the great outdoors
This fabulous picnic/coffee hamper has all the tools and equipment you need to make a perfect getaway. And its handy double-barreled design holds equal parts chilled white wine or piping hot coffee. M himself would be proud.
Price $151.00


Bring me a bottle of your finest champagne
Bond loved his bubbly and a bottle of Veuve will simply confirm how much verve you have yourself. Paired with a couple of elegant Reidel flutes and a small assortment of fine finger food, this is a gift pack for any kind of romantic assignation. Price $238.95


Hopping from one country to another
A lot of men will agree there’s never a bad time to try out a new beer. And it’s a lifetime’s work getting to know them all. With this handpicked selection of international brews, it’s like enjoying a taste of some of the best locations in the world. Just like a Bond movie. Price $132.00


Agent provocateur, perhaps
Bond in a bathrobe, relaxing at home after saving the world. Again. If that sounds like your kind of day, there’s nothing softer to relax in than this bamboo toweling bathrobe. Comfortably sized, and classically cut. And who knows? Choosing bamboo just might help save the world a little. Price $110.00


Shaken not stirred
The complete Bond martini kit. Equipped with selected Vodka, classic Reidel martini glasses, stainless steel shaker flask and delicacies to match. Just add ice and you’ll be licensed to chill. Price $235.00

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