A Map for your Year-End Gift Giving


A Map for your Year-End Gift Giving

 At this time of the year, we get lots of calls and emails seeking advice on holiday gift-giving. Here is our `MAPP’ for a pain-free route to your destination!

M – Make a list. Decide who will receive individual gifts, and who will receive group gifts. Departments, staff, or clients, are examples of group gift-giving. A list will help you define and strategize to get the most bang for your buck, as well as avoid duplication. It also gives you a sense of control; crossing items off your list is empowering.

A – Allocate a budget Decide how much you can spend on each group. For example, ‘A’ level clients (long term or high revenue generating clients) would be allocated a larger budget than ‘B’ or ‘C’ level clients. Budget high to cover unexpected events. This also applies to your specific clients.

P – Pick a theme for your gifts. A few key questions can guide you to the right gift:

  • What does he or she like to do away from the office?
  • Which holiday does she celebrate at this time of the year – Christmas, Hanukkah, none?
  • What gifts from previous years has she liked enough to display in her office?
  • Does he have a favorite charity to which you can donate in his name?

A great idea is a themed basket of gifts. Choose a container and filler related to your theme to really make an impact.

While there are no concrete rules for corporate gifting, you want to:

  • Present a professional image.
  • Include a greeting card or hand-written note. Be inclusive and personalize your message. Ensure that your handwriting is legible so the recipient knows who the sender is.
  • Present the gift in person, if possible.

P – Pick the delivery date. Send gifts going out of town early to avoid delays. And remember that some people leave for their holidays early, so schedule your gift to arrive a little earlier.