Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!

Will you take your children trick or treating this Halloween? Or, have you planned a Halloween party and invited all their friends? Will you be dressing up to greet the children at the door with candy this year? However you’re celebrating, Halloween is fun for the whole family.

It is rumoured that trick or treating began in England, with working class children begging food, firewood and alcohol from their wealthier neighbours to celebrate All Hallows Eve. “Soul cakes”, a form of shortbread, were given out to ensure that the beggars prayed for the dead of the household. The children sang a song—

Soul, soul, an apple or two,
If you haven’t an apple, a pear will do.
One for Peter, two for Paul,
Three for the Man who made us all.

However you celebrate Halloween, remember to play safe. Wear a reflective costume or vest so that motorists can see you. Stay with your group so you don’t get lost. And, don’t eat your candy until your parents have said it’s okay. You don’t want to wake with a tummy ache on All Saints Day, now do you.