It feels good…

It feels good….

I recently spoke at the eWomenNetwork luncheon event.  It’s the #1 organization in North America that provides resources for connecting and promoting women and their businesses.  They have a dynamic and diversified culture that celebrates the brilliance of women entrepreneurs, business owners and corporate professionals.  eWomenNetwork truly believes in the philosophy of abundance.  They consciously and intentionally look for ways to share information, leads, contacts, and business. Yes, eWomenNetwork represents a heart-centered approach which honors how women connect, collaborate and create with each other.  They believe we are all obliged to “lift as we climb” in this life. I love the ring of that!  Pamela Chatry is the Executive Managing Director, eWomenNetwork Vancouver Region. And she is exactly just what her tag lines says, “Your #1 Resource for Connecting Women and Their Businesses”.

My topic was:

  • Acknowledgement – Everyone wants to have a great feeling and they want to be delighted and enchanted.  What can we learn from the norm of reciprocity?
  • How to double your goodwill
  • Making an impact and how to show your thoughtfulness.
  • Cultural Sensitivity and what it means.
  • Holiday gifting: What “MAPP” means and why have your gifts  “WRAPPED” for the holidays.

Here is what I mean by “it feels good”, when I received this email from Pamela the next day.

“Good morning Mindy, I had to follow-up to say a huge thank you once again for your amazing presentation to our eWomenNetwork Chapter.  You are such a warm and genuinely good human being and it all comes out in your keynote!  I know you are in exactly the right business as it feeds your obvious passion for doing wonderful deeds that leave an impact on our world. 

I know I mentioned it yesterday but I do mean it when I say you need to get your message out to the world.  Let me know if I can introduce you to others who would enjoy your message or give you a reference.  It will be my pleasure”.

Wow, it truly feels good especially when I love doing what I do for a living. The biggest appreciation from Pamela’s group was understanding  why and how “MAPP” to your holiday gifts is so important.

After all we want to keep our “A” list of clients happy and encourage our “B” list of clients to move up the ladder, and also want to encourage and move our “C” list of clients to the “A” or “B” level.

Most importantly we would like to turn our clients into an invisible sales force! A little thoughtfulness matters a lot in how we deliver our sentiments, and how we celebrate milestones; how we embrace diversity of our clients.  Showing appreciation and respect for our diverse clients and or employees can bring a quantum leap in our relationships.

The holiday season is fast approaching….

Starting December 1st our blog will share daily “Joy Deposits”. Be sure to collect them.