Summer Fun…Bocce

Bocce can be played any where – any time. You need no special setup for a friendly game. Our tournament quality bocce set features solid, one piece construction bocce balls with precision roundness and balance. The balls are made with thermo set composition resin and are striped for 2-4 player competition. The set is manufactured to International Bocce specifications and is the official ball of the United States Bocce Federation.

Roundness and balance are tightly controlled to guarantee they comply with International Bocce specifications for tournament play.


These balls measure 107 mm, making them ideal for adults. The bright yellow pallina (target ball) or jack ball measures 57 mm, making it easy to spot even in longer grass. The balls are green and red for the two teams and within each color are clearly defined striping patterns on the balls when playing doubles matches. Just zip-and-go with the convenient nylon tote bag.

4 dark green 107mm bocce balls
4 dark red 107mm bocce balls
1 yellow 57mm jack
Official rule book with court layout instructions

┬ĚNylon zippered tote bag

Bocce originated in Italy and is one of the oldest of all lawn bowling games. It is now gaining popularity in North America since it can be played by people of all ages and on a great variety of surfaces. Bocce is played between two players or two teams of up to four players on a team. Bocce is played with 8 large balls, 4 of one color, 4 of another color and one small target ball called the “Jack,” or “Pallino.” Players seek to place their Bocce Balls nearer to the target jack than their opponent or displace the opponent’s Bocce Ball and so improve the position of their Bocce Ball in relation to the Jack, (Pallino).

Bocce can be played in a variety of ways using various rules. Bocce can be played upon any level surface by anyone who is willing to try. It is a game for all ages, gender and athletic ability. It is a very versatile game in which the rules may be changed according to the players. Play may range from a nearly nonexistent set of rules to the strictest of tournament rules.

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