Recognition Awards

Recognition awards are an essential part of any conference as a public way to thank the invited speaker. In addition, whenever someone at your company has done something outstanding, or is simply visiting from out-of-town, they are the perfect way to acknowledge your thanks and hospitality. Leaders and managers know that recognition is the key to success. You can use gifts to acknowledge a special effort, fire up a campaign or mark a personal milestone.

This is where Green & Green‘s new venture, Lions Gate Gifts, comes in to fill your special moment perfectly! Check out our website at

Whether for your conference, convention or incentive, Lions Gate Gifts has got you covered. Green & Green has been providing gifts and awards for events since we began operation in 1993 – Lions Gate Gifts is owned and operated by the same people so you’re in experienced (and excellent!) hands! We are able to provide recognition awards for any budget, and we’re always happy to customize an order for your company’s specific needs.

“So Lions Gate,” we hear you say, “what can I use as a recognition gift?” We’re glad you asked! Recognition gifts can be anything – we will help you pick appropriate ones for your special circumstance. For instance, engraved plaques are ideal for marking a specific event or milestone, whereas Canadian memorabilia is a wonderful keepsake for out-of-town guests. You can even use branded promotional items for employees to build team spirit!

For your next event, put Lions Gate Gifts on your marketing team. Let us offer ideas, options and products to suit your needs. Call us at 604.689.5027 or toll free at 1.800.2882. We can’t wait to work with you!