World Gratitude Day & Contest!

World Gratitude Day, founded in 1965, and celebrated yearly on September 21st, is a holiday that tends to fly under the radar. At Green & Green, we believe that any day you take the time to show your appreciation is Gratitude Day!

Just some of the infinite ways to say thank you.

There are so many ways to show your gratitude and appreciation. Take the time this weekend to thank your server, your postman, your spouse. Tell them how grateful you are that they are in your life. And expressing thanks doesn’t have to be a big thing! Share a smile or hold the door for someone – easy! Make it a point to do something nice for a loved one and for a stranger in the name of World Gratitude Day.

So what are we at Green & Green grateful for? Sitting here enjoying the last few days of sunshine and summer weather before we hit the dreaded Vancouver rainy season, we’re grateful for the beautiful summer, for our awesome office atmosphere and for the opportunity to work with you – our amazing clients – every day of the year.

The Big Thank You

Thank you for making our jobs exciting, fun and fulfilling!

Double Your Goodwill Contest – All about the Gratitude!

Have you received a Green & Green gift? Send us a picture of you opening it and enter to win a $40 Gourmet Food Basket for the person who sent it to you! What better way to say Thank You for a gift than to send one back? You can submit by Twitter or Facebook until October 25th. The winner will be announced November 1st. Good luck!